Why Do People Migrate: 5 Thrilling Reasons

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Why Do People Migrate:- in the era of globalisation, millions of people migrating one place to another for multiple reasons. It becomes quite common to change their born place.

It gave them feeling of satisfaction that they have moved to their dream country. So let’s go to the reasons to migrate or to know “why do people migrate“.

1. educational or study reasons

i am going to discuss one of the most popular reasons to migrate to another country. But nowadays, mostly students wants to pursue their studies from a reputed countries. Those students who live in a underdeveloped country but with good financial conditions dream about to continue their graducation or post graduation from the oxford university or any other reputed college. Same as me, i have done and crack IELTS exam to move to UK for my graduation.

2. Economic migration: Why Do People Migrate

this reason means to build their empire and improve their economic conditions. As you know there are many countries where you have to work hard but you do not get high salary or enough money to feed your family. So, people think to migrate to cheap but developed country such as sri lanka or china. where you can live you life happily. people migrate thier to find good work opportunities and employement. For example, nowadays, indian students are going to canada, UK and australia to earn more money by living their. As you know, mostly indian residents from punjab are now migrating to canada for study or financial reasons.

3. social migration

This is not a specific reasons but in 2021 the number of people who migrating to another place because of social reasons has increased. Let’s suppose your whole relatives and friends moved to USA and you are feeling alone in your country. So you can say them to sponser you and invite you. Nearly, 1.5 lakh people from every country moved to different countries because of social reasons.

4. environmental migration

As you know environmental issues are rising in all countries. Live example is COVID 19 or delta. it is the latest version of corona. There are multiple problems relate to the atmosphere such as global warming because of deforestation or natural disasters and floods. So the trend of migrating is booming up because of the environmental reasons. If i talk about the live situation, Most of the people from India and China moved to the European countries because of Corona infection.

5. political migration: Why Do People Migrate

it is quite uncommon to see this types of issues in this 21th century. But this problem can occur and some countries are facing this type of problems. In 1947 when india and pakistan divided. as a result, millions of people migrate to india or afganistan to live a happy life becaue of political problems.

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