What is the difference between American and British English

Spelling Difference Between American And British English2

When it comes to the spelling of British English (BrE) and American (AmE), it can be said that Americans adhere to more economical and phonetic spelling.  

Differences In Pronunciation

Of course, both countries have their own regional pronunciations, but the following words are pronounced differently by most Americans and Brits 

Differences In Vocabulary

The percentage of words that are used only in one of the countries is very small, but the problem for English learners is that these words are among the most used. 

Differences In Grammar

The grammar of British and American English is almost the same, but there are some interesting variations, for example, in some forms of verbs 

Use Of Word

Between AmE and BrE there are countless interesting nuances that relate to the use of words. AmE has a useful preposition through which means “up to and including”.