another way to saying wishing you

A Wish

A wish means a wish that you can make on New Year’s Eve or on your birthday, as well as wishes – from congratulations on the holiday to the requirements that we place on services and services. 

A Desire

The word a desire suggests an uncontrollable desire to get something, craving for something. This is a universal word that can be used in any situation.  

An Urge, An Itch

If you want something in such a way that it already reduces your teeth, the words an urge (strong desire, impulse) and an itch (strong, irresistible desire) will come in handy.

An Appetite, A Hunger

The words an appetite (appetite) and a hunger (hunger) have not only a literal gastronomic meaning, but are also used figuratively to describe desires. 

An Ambition, An Aspiration

Use the words an ambition (aspiration, goal) and an aspiration (aspiration, strong desire) to express strong, but at the same time rational and realistic desires. 

A Whim, A Caprice

Now let’s talk about unreasonable desires. To denote them in English there are the words a whim (whim, whim, whim) and the literary a caprice (whim, whim, eccentricity).