What does CLS stand for on a Mercedes? CLS = Coupe Leicht (light) Sportlich. similarly, SLK = Sportlich (sport) Leicht (light) Kurz (short) The CLS is not a C class, it's based on the E class as Jack pointed out.

What is the price of Mercedes-Benz CLS in India? Mercedes-Benz CLS Price The price of Mercedes-Benz CLS starts at Rs. 84.70 Lakh and goes upto Rs. 84.70 Lakh. Mercedes-Benz CLS is offered in 1 variants - the base model of CLS is 300d and the top variant Mercedes-Benz CLS-Class 300d which comes at a price tag of Rs.

Is Mercedes-Benz CLS a good car? Is the Mercedes-Benz CLS a Good Car? Yes, the Mercedes-Benz CLS is a good car. It has an energetic turbocharged engine, good fuel economy ratings, and a supple ride. Though its trunk and back seat are a bit undersized by luxury large car standards, the rest of the CLS' interior is lovely.

Is CLS better than E class? 2021 Mercedes-Benz E-Class Coupe vs CLS Coupe: Performance One small difference between these coupes is that the 2021 CLS 450 Coupe has a slightly better highway fuel economy at 31 mpg compared to the 2021 E 450 Coupe and its 30 mpg. Whichever coupe you choose, performance won't be a problem.

Is CLS a class? The Mercedes-Benz CLS-Class is a series of executive cars produced by Mercedes-Benz since 2004.

Is the CLS being discontinued? Mercedes-Benz has unveiled the updated 2022 CLS, which will now only be offered in one version here in the US, the CLS 450 4Matic. Both the base trim and AMG CLS 53 have been discontinued. The changes aren't huge, but the 2022 CLS gets a new grille, front bumper and wheel designs.

Is CLS comfortable? Elegant, comfortable and quick, the CLS is a relaxing cruiser, but don't expect much fun behind the wheel. The CLS might look sleeker and sportier than an E-Class saloon but that doesn't necessarily make it more engaging to drive.

Is the CLS 350 a good car? Our verdict on the Mercedes-Benz CLS-Class CLS 350 Unlike a comparable E-Class, the CLS delivers a more sporty drive and has a high-class cabin that easily exceeds anything from other makers' cars. It won't be for everyone, but if you want an executive car with character, this Merc could be the one.

Is CLS better than C class? C-Class sedans and coupes could be called second on the ladder to top Mercedes-Benz luxury. CLS coupes, on the other hand, are a bit higher, slotted between the E and S-Classes.

Is CLS a luxury car? Like the Audi A7, the CLS is more of a luxury limo in a designer suit than it is a sportier version of an existing, conventional saloon.