IELTS Speaking tips

A lot of candidates who take IELTS Speaking test find this section the hardest one because it involves face-to-face communication. But in fact, IELTS Speaking is the easiest section of IELTS to improve your score.

Be fluent and Liberated

Speak fluently and spontaneously. You will gain more points. Don't worry too much about using clever vocabulary, it's more important to be fluent. 

Ask the question again if you need to 

1. Don't be shy, if you want to clarify something. You will not lose points for asking the examiner.

Be emotional! 

Speak with emotions. Nothing separates the experienced speaker from beginners as tone of the speech. 

Extend your speech 

Try to speak at least more than the examiner. If you are asked a question using one sentence, respond with two or more. 

Practise answering sample questions 

Typically, you will be asked about everyday topics, such as work, studies, sport, family and so on.  

Be coherent 

Use linking words and structures. Words and phrases like however, nevertheless, all in all, moreover will enrich your speech. 

Give yourself time to think 

If you are unsure how to answer the question, you can give yourself a bit more time to think by using this tip.  

Made a mistake? Don't panic! 

If you made a mistake - don't panic! Try to correct yourself as smoothly as possible.  

Make a good first impression 

Look good, smell good and feel good. Be confident. Although it may not seem very important, a strong first impression will go a long way. 

Don't learn answers by heart 

Examiners are able to determine whether you speak freely or you memorized the answer before your interview.