How to understand IELTS Writing task 2

Answer is relevant to the question

Make sure your examples and ideas are relevant. If you generalise too much and are not specific enough this will affect how your ideas are presented to the examiner.   

Answer all parts of the question 

You must read the question carefully and decide how many parts are in it. You must answer all parts of the question to reach a band 6 or higher.   

Organise your essay logically, with clear progression using linking phrases 

Organise your essays into paragraphs 

Use paragraphs to organise your essay into clear parts. Make sure each paragraph contains a clear and developed topic with a minimum of two sentences.   

Use less common vocabulary and spell it correctly 

Common terms are words and phrases we use every day to refer to personal experience and daily habits. 

Don’t use memorised language, phrases or examples 

Don’t use any memorised language, phrases or examples throughout your essay. They are easy for examiners to spot and don’t demonstrate your ability to write fluently.   

Use a variety of complex sentence structures 

It is important to use a mix of complex and simple sentences. But remember, your complex sentences should not be long and complicated.