Useful Questions Regarding IELTS: FAQs 2021

How To Become An IELTS Trainer?

5 Factors Are Very Important To Become An IELTS Teacher. In This Question, I Am Going To Answer The Most Important Question Of IELTS Students Who Want To Teach Students Regarding IELTS. 
Native Speaker Or Non-Native Speaker
Qualification:- To Become An IELTS Mentor, You Will Need A Degree. It Is Not Important To Take A Degree That Is Related To An English Subject Like A Masters In English Or Ph.D. In English. Most EAL Teachers Have A Master’s Degree In Humanities. But Do Not Bother. Your Degree Can Be In Any Field. Which Is Scientifically Imply In English. 
Teaching Experience:- According To The British Council, An IELTS Teacher Should Be 3 Years Experienced To Teach IELTS As A Professional IELTS Teacher. If You Are Much Experienced And Knowledgeable Then You Can Apply To The British Council As A Teacher.
Native Speaker Or Non-Native Speaker:-  This Is The Most Important Point Because Earlier Most Of The Native Speakers Think That They Are Better Than The Non-Native Speakers And They Can Become An IELTS Teacher Easily. But It Is Good That Time Has Passed. Now, The Situation Is Changed And Non-Native English Speakers Are Doing Good In The IELTS Teaching Field. 

Will the examiner penalize you to being under words or for any other mistake in IELTS writing test?

In this blog post, i will guide you regarding IELTS writing task 1. What happens, when you write under words or do any other mistake. I will clear 5 most important questions of IELTS students in this.

1. IELTS writing task tips during writing
2. will a student get low band score, if he write under the word’s limit?
3. Things which will affect your band score
4. is there any penality to write too much in IELTS writing tasks?
5. Can i ask for some extra time by reqesting the examiner?

IELTS writing task tips during writing
(1) It is the duty of examiner to count the words of every student at the time of checking. He will count your words of IELTS writing task 1 and 2.
(2) Don’t take the risk to write under the word’s limit. You should write 160 to 180 words in IELTS writing task 1 & 250 to 280 words in IELTS writing task 2.
(3) Don’t count the words of the task because it will take too much time. Count the words per line and then count the lines. It will be easy for you.

Will you get Low IELTS band score for writing under word’s limit?
There is no doubt, you will definitely get lower band score in case you write less words. It will devastatingly affect your score.
(1) Write 3 to 4 task 1 every day to maintain your writing speed. Because most of the students feels that 20+40 minutes are very less for writing task 1 and writing task 2.
(2) the examiner will take this mistake extremly seriously because it has been told to the student from the very first day that you have to write the task in 150 words or 250 words. So, there is no chance the get out from this problem. It is compulsory.

Things which will affect your band score
(1) Student’s handwriting:- it is the most important factor in writing test. Because if your writing will not be clear and readeable then examiner have to face problems in understanding your task. It can affect your band score badly.
(2) Don’t memorize the whole answer:- Most of the students try to learn the whole answer in the expectations of being lucky to get the same question in exam. But that will not going to happen. Your examiner will immidietely catch you if you try to write the memorized answer because they are so experienced in their job.
(3) Half answer:- It is already clear by the heading. If any student is not able to give the full answer then you will get only 4 to 5 bands in your writing test. In some cases, examiner do not give any single band to the student.

Is their any penality to write too much in IELTS writing tasks
This looks so weird to ask this. But some students ask me this type of questions. If any student write 350 or 400 words by expecting that he will get more band score in this situation. Then he is wrong. It can push you in a damn floor. Examiner will cut your band score either.

Can i ask or request for some extra time to the examiner?
No-Never, IELTS rules and regulations are Extremely strict and each & every student has bounded to follow them. You have to write the both task in given time. If you ask for some extra time to the examiner, the examiner will laugh or take this request as a joke. So, don’t dare to ask the examiner for more time to write.


How To Get 8 Bands In IELTS? 
According To My 6 Years Of Teaching Experience. It Is Not Easy To Target 8 Bands At The First Time. People Who Directly Target Bands Are The Worst. Initially, You Should Focus On Knowledge And Practice. More And More You Will Get To Know About The IELTS Test Format. As Much As You Will Go To 8 Bands Or 9 Bands In IELTS. As You Know, IELTS Offers 4 Modules On Which You Will Have Expertise. The Desire Of Taking Overall 8 Bands Means You Will Have To Get 8 In Maximum Modules. 
(1) Firstly Practice For The 6 Or 7 Bands. 
(2) When You Are Sure About It, Then Prepare For It. You Can Ask Your IELTS Teacher To Set A Temporary Exam For You To Check Your IELTS Knowledge Level. 
(3) If The Trial Is Passed Then You Can Target 8 Bands. 
(4) You Should Practice Regularly.
(5) Do Practice All Modules Each Day. 
(6) 2 Writing Tasks 1 And 2 + 10 Cue Cards, 1-Hour Mirror Practice For Speaking, 1 Reading Test, And 1 Listening Test Per Day. 
(7) Consistent Practice Can Help You To Get 8+ Bands In IELTS. 
Most Important Point Is To Take A Mock Test Of Yourself Every Week To Analyze Yourself.