Top 5 Best Apps For IELTS Preparation in 2021

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Perfect Blogpost of Top 5 Best Apps For IELTS Preparation In 2021. Do you want your IELTS preparation at your fingertips? If yes then read this blog till the end. In this Modern era, we use our smartphones to solve our problems and issues.

You will feel happy to know that there are many IELTS preparation Apps on the play store and they will be extremely helpful for you if you use them genuinely. As you know, to crack the IELTS exam, we need to be updated with every type of information and news. So these android applications will be the goldmine for you.

I have prepared a full-proof blog that will help you to choose the best apps for IELTS preparation and start you IELTS preparation from Home. you will have to be confused anymore after reading this informative article on the IELTS preparation app. Let’s start the Journey to know the best apps for IELTS preparation for 2021…

These apps will help you in :-

  • IELTS speaking test
  • IELTS listening test
  • IELTS writing test
  • IELTS reading test

Why do you need an android app to prepare for the IELTS test?

But, before starting the real topic, you need to know the benefits and reasons to download an app for IELTS preparation. It helps you to be energetic and gives you an amazing experience.

  • You can take immediate help with your smartphone
  • Easy to get the latest and updated information about IELTS
  • Practice tests and topics on fingertips
  • Simple to use & Understandable user interface

These 4 are the biggest reasons to use an app to be prepared for the IELTS exam. But other than this, you will get help regarding the grammar section, vocabulary, and other necessary basic things.

List of the Best apps for IELTS Preparation

As you know, we choose the apps based on most downloads and good reviews. So, we have listed all the best apps for IELTS preparation. according to the ranking on the play store.

#1 – IELTS Prep App: Best Apps for IELTS preparation (4.6 Rating)

Best Apps For IELTS Preparation

It is an official app for IELTS preparation from the British Council which is a world-famous educational website that conducts the IELTS exam worldwide. No tension, you want to prepare for IELTS Academic This is one of an amazing android application for IELTS preparation. This app is completely free to use.

Over a billion people improve and build up their English level with the help of this application. you will get immediate access to all the needy tools to prepare for the IELTS exam from anywhere and anytime. IELTS prep app is specially developed by the British Council which has thousands of world-level English experts. You will get all the data that is officially recommended by IELTS experts. You can prepare as per your expectations by downloading this app on your mobile phone.

Key features of the IELTS prep app : Best Apps For IELTS Preparation

  • It will provide you with the stuff related to all IELTS modules such as listening, reading, speaking, and writing. You can call it a comprehensive app for IELTS preparation.
  • This app is available for all types of devices such as android and iPhone.
  • A free app to find every type of question-related to every type of module.
  • Necessary grammar exercises according to IELTS requirements and other grammatical topics such as tenses, modals, and vocabulary.
  • It provides video lessons or interviews for IELTS speaking test preparation.
  • Exceptional Tips & tricks to prepare for the IELTS test
  • The whole IELTS assessment criteria are explained to analyze the working level
  • It has a special feature to set the countdown for your IELTS test date. It helps you to maintain stability and keep remembering about the exam. It just works like a stopwatch.
  • The great feature is that it gives you the quizzes tests to check your IELTS knowledge level and progress check
  • One of the amazing benefits is this provides you with blog posts that help you to know more regarding the IELTS exam. 

#2 – IELTS Prep by leap Scholar

Best apps for IELTS preparation

It is the application of 2021. If you want to prepare for IELTS in a fun and interesting manner then you should download this now. you will get everything that you need to know about the IELTS test. In today’s generation of 2021, all of the students wants that type of place which can provide all the things which they think. That is a leap scholar. You can easily prepare for band 7 or 8 with this app.

Primary features of Leap scholar : Best Apps For IELTS Preparation

  • A comprehensive vocabulary word list is provided by the leap scholar. which will help you to enhance your English.
  • As usual, grammar is here to make you grammatically confident.
  • Skills improvement classes to grow your mind to understand all the concepts regarding reading test and listening test.
  • Unlimited practice tests are here to have a solid preparation.
  • One of the best educators will provide you live classes and guide you on the way to IELTS.
  • You will get personal feedback on every IELTS module which will clear you of all the doubts.

#3 – IELTS Practice & IELTS test (9 Bands app)

IELTS preparation apps 2021

This IELTS preparation app is a full package of IELTS material. You will not feel the lack of practice tests, ideas, tips, phrases, and IELTS questions. The user interface of this app also converts and it comes with a modern UI design that eases your work and reading. This makes a Best Apps For IELTS Preparation.

Primary features : Best apps for IELTS preparation

  • Everyday updates are available related to resources or other IELTS stuff.
  • 400+ practice tests for further improvements & nearly 5000 questions are here to clear your doubts.
  • sample charts and graphs of writing task 1 with answers.
  • professional ideas & tips to stand out from the crowd
  • it is a free & offline app and the interface is easy to utilize
  • an effective vocabulary of 5000+ words related to all IELTS modules.
  • The great feature is it provides you an inbuilt translation tool with all the languages, so you do not need to visit google translate anymore.
  • It supports the text speech feature which is very interesting.

#4 – IELTS Complete Preparation & Exam (Free English)

android apps to prepare for IELTS

I recommend this app to IELTS students. I found all the things which I needed. Of course, this app is also made to help you in IELTS. IELTS complete preparation application is built to prepare for both types of IELTS tests such as IELTS academic and IELTS general.

  • you will not feel the lack of IELTS speaking sample answers because there is a lot in this.
  • The best thing about this app is, listening tests are divided according to the toughness level. So you can prepare those as per your skills level.
  • You can also run the IELTS listening audios in offline mode.

#5 – IELTS Exam Preparation Vocabulary Flashcards app

Best apps for IELTS preparation 2021

IELTS exam preparation vocabulary app is by Magoosh. it is a specific app to prepare for the vocabulary. They have a online website which named Mogoosh IELTS. you will get separate flashcards for every word and it can help you to build up your vocabulary skills up to the level. it comes with multiple features.

It is one of the Best Apps For IELTS Preparation specially for the vocabulary. As you know, vocabulary is one of the most important factor in IELTS.

Key features: Best Apps For IELTS Preparation

  • if you do not understand a word by meaning then they provide you the premade sentences of that word. This helps you to grab the meaning correctly.
  • it has thousands of words with the sentence which are selected by the pro-IELTS experts.
  • all the words are divided into 3 parts difficult, medium, and easy.
  • you can track your progress here to give the practice tests and optimize your strength for the IELTS exam.
  • you just need to sign in here and all the flashcards are free to access.

Conclusion: Best Apps For IELTS Preparation

I have written this article because there are thousands of students who stay confused to collect the necessary data regarding IELTS. They do not know what should I learn or what should not? But, they can use these Best Apps For IELTS Preparation to improve their IELTS band score. Do not use your mobile phone only to watch videos and playing games. Playstore also has some beneficial educational apps like these. So, go on the way to IELTS.

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