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How To Make New Year's Resolutions in English

How To Make an Effective New Year’s Resolutions in English

New Year’s resolutions: how to make a New Year’s resolutions in English and make it effective and attractive to implement.

There are a few days left before the New Year. The smell of tangerines mixes with the pine aroma, creating a festive atmosphere. We buy gifts for relatives, friends and colleagues, fill refrigerators with delicacies and think over how and with whom to celebrate New Year’s Eve. On the eve of the next year, we remember the departed and make plans for the next year. To make your plans come true, try to follow the tradition of English speakers – to make New Year’s resolutions (New Year’s resolutions).

How to make a New Year’s resolution

English speakers like to take matters into their own hands. For example, they do not make a wish to get in shape, but make a promise to themselves to lose 20 kilograms – to improve nutrition and go to the gym regularly. Do you want to pass the marathon of desires, and even for free? Then we offer to formulate promises to ourselves. And we will help you to do it in English.

Below is a table with popular resolutions that English speakers give themselves on New Year’s Eve. Please note: the promise is formulated in the future or present tense using the construction I’m going to doing smth (I’m going to do something) or the grammatical tense Present Simple.

I’m going to lose weight. – I’m going to lose weight.
I lose weight. – I’m losing weight.

Choose for yourself which wording you like:

to travel moretravel more
to quit smoking/drinkingstop smoking/drinking
to stop eating sweets / junk foodstop eating sweets / junk food
to join a gymto go to gym
to get in shapeget yourself in shape
to start playing football/basketballstart playing football/basketball
to drink more waterdrink more water
to go for a daily walkgo for a daily walk
to go to bed earlier and wake up earliergo to bed earlier and wake up earlier
to get more sleepto sleep more
to start to learn a foreighn languagestart learning a foreign language
to watch less TVwatch less TV
to spend less time on Instagramspend less time on Instagram
to spend less time onlinespend less time online
to read moreread more
to read a book a monthread a book a month
to get a better jobfind a better job
to start a hobbystart a hobby
to learn to paint/sing/cooklearn to draw/sing/cook
to adopt a petadopt an animal from a shelter
to stop procrastinatingstop procrastinating
to get out of debtpay off debts
to start saving moneystart saving money
to give more to charitygive more to charity
to do something new every daydo something new every day
to worry lessworry less
to stop worrying what people think of mestop worrying about what people think of me
to stop being lazystop being lazy
to become more confident/organized/responsiblebecome more confident/organized/responsible
to spend more time with my familyspend more time with family
to stop gossipingstop gossiping
to learn to control my emotionslearn to control your emotions
to reconnect with an old friendreconnect with an old friend
to talk to my parents morecommunicate more with parents
to stop judging peoplestop judging people
to start believing in myselfstart believing in yourself
to learn to be happier with my lifelearn to be more satisfied with your life

You will hear even more promises in the video – one hundred native speakers shared their resolutions.

Psychologists advise you to choose several resolutions, make a plan and take small steps towards your goals. Otherwise, you run the risk of bogging down in an avalanche of promises and not fulfilling a single one.

Watch the video in which our school’s methodologist Svetlana talked about how to write New Year’s resolutions correctly, what grammatical tense to use and who to follow.

It is important to write down promises, so you will fix your goals. Follow the example of stars who often share their plans with the public. Do the same: publish a post on social networks and openly describe your resolutions, then you will be ashamed of not keeping your promises, because dozens of friends are watching you.

Funny New Year’s resolutions in English

We have compiled an ironic selection of New Year’s resolutions and want to share them with you.

Most often, before the New Year, people promise themselves to lead a healthy lifestyle: go in for sports, lose weight, eat right, etc. Many people decide to take even desperate measures – to give up sweets.

I’ll give up chocolates totally. 100%. Completely. Honestly…

I will give up chocolate completely. one hundred%. At all. Honestly…

If it is not possible to eat right, then the person compensates for this by promising to go in for sports, while making a small reservation.

I resolve not to swim in any swimming pool without water.

I made a decision not to swim in pools that don’t have water.

A good promise, and most importantly – doable. If you’re afraid of failing your diet or quitting the gym, make resolutions that you can follow if you fail. Take an example from the following promise.

My New Year’s resolution? Option A — lose weight. Option B — buy bigger jeans.

My New Year’s resolution? Option A is to lose weight. Option B – buy larger jeans.

And if you’re not very good at keeping promises, make a wish for the New Year that will help you do without diets and exercise.

This year I wish to have a fat bank account and a thin body. Let’s just hope that the Gods don’t mix these two up.

This year I would like to have a fat bank account and a thin body. Let’s hope God doesn’t mix things up.

Another popular topic for New Year’s resolutions is getting rid of internet addiction. Some spend so much time on social media that they miss out on real life.

I will not sit in my living room all day in my nightdress. Instead, I will move my computer into the bedroom.

I won’t sit in my living room in my pajamas all day. Instead, I will move my computer to the bedroom.

If you have a family, it is worth making a promise to yourself, similar to what we found on the Internet.

I resolve to work with neglected children (my own).

I made the decision to work with neglected children (my own).

And some people are so responsible that even on the eve of the New Year they do not forget about work and make business promises to themselves.

I will not bore my boss by with the same excuse for taking leaves. I will think of some more excuses.

I won’t pester my boss with the same excuses for time off. I’ll come up with new suggestions.

Come up with your own New Year’s resolutions, share them in the comments and try to fulfill them.

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