IELTS writing task 2 sample answer essay: Job and Skills

In today’s highly competitive job market, employers are increasingly prioritizing social skills alongside academic qualifications. While some argue that qualifications alone are sufficient for success in the workplace, I strongly believe that social skills play a crucial role in enhancing job performance and career advancement.

On the one hand, it is certainly true that having a good academic background is essential for many job roles. Employers need to know that their employees possess the technical skills and knowledge necessary to perform their duties effectively. In highly specialized fields such as medicine, engineering, or finance, qualifications are a vital aspect of the job. Without the necessary education and training, individuals may struggle to carry out their responsibilities to a high standard, regardless of how well-developed their social skills may be.

On the other hand, social skills are becoming increasingly important in many areas of the workplace. In today’s interconnected world, networking, collaboration, and communication are key elements of professional success. Individuals who possess strong social skills are often better equipped to build relationships with colleagues, clients, and customers. They are more likely to be effective team players and able to resolve conflicts constructively. Furthermore, in today’s service-oriented economy, individuals who can provide excellent customer service and communicate effectively with clients are highly valued.

To conclude, while academic qualifications are undoubtedly an essential aspect of job success, social skills are becoming increasingly important in the modern workplace. Employers who prioritize both qualifications and social skills in their recruitment process are likely to build stronger teams, increase productivity, and achieve greater success. Therefore, I strongly agree that social skills should be considered alongside academic qualifications when assessing an individual’s suitability for a job.

Vocabulary Words:

  1. Prioritizing: giving priority or importance to something
  2. Academic qualifications: degrees or other educational certificates that indicate someone has completed a certain level of education
  3. Technical skills: skills and knowledge that are specific to a particular field, job or task
  4. Enhanced: improved, made better
  5. Job performance: the ability to carry out tasks effectively in the workplace
  6. Career advancement: moving up in one’s career or profession
  7. Specialized fields: areas of work that require specific knowledge, skills, or training
  8. Networking: building professional relationships with others in one’s field or industry
  9. Collaboration: working together with others towards a common goal
  10. Communication: the ability to express ideas and information effectively
  11. Team players: individuals who are able to work well with others in a team setting
  12. Resolve: to find a solution to a problem
  13. Constructively: in a positive and helpful way
  14. Service-oriented: businesses or industries that are focused on providing excellent customer service
  15. Highly valued: appreciated or considered very important


  1. In addition to: introduces a new point to be considered alongside the previous one
  2. On the one hand: introduces the first point of view in a discussion
  3. On the other hand: introduces a contrasting point of view
  4. Furthermore: introduces an additional point that strengthens the previous one
  5. To conclude: introduces the final point in a discussion, summarizing the main points made previously

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