Understand IELTS Speaking Marking Criteria 2021 in easy way

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IELTS speaking marking criteria

Hello, Today we will talk about the Judgement criteria of IELTS speaking interview. How the examiners marked your IELTS speaking test and on the basis of which facotors, you are going to score?

But before discussing the IELTS speaking marking system, you need to understand what are the most important factor on which you have to focus on. In this IELTS speaking marking guide, i will show you everything which is necessary.

4 Factors on Which the IELTS speaking test based on

IELTS speaking marking criteria or band score is based on 4 factors which are extremely important to discuss.

  1. Pronunciation
  2. Grammatical Range & Accuracy
  3. Lexical resources or vocabulary
  4. Fluency & Coherence

Now, we will talk about all of these one by one.

1. What is Pronunciation : IELTS Speaking Marking Criteria

If your pronunciation is bad, your grammar, vocabulary and everything does not matter at all. Pronunciation helps the examiner to understand what you are saying and what is the meaning of a specific word.

You should have the knowledge to pronounce the word correctly. Let me explain you the meaning of pronunciation with an example.

  • Let’s look at “Knife” . Some people read it as Nife and some start it with the alphabet K and say Knife. But the correct pronunciation of this word is Nife because K is silent in this word.
  • Look at another example:Volkswagen”. 90% of the people pronounce it wrong by saying it is “Volkswagen”. But this is wrong. The L letter is silent in this. Correct form is “Vokswagen” it is without L. 

Click on this link here to “How to improve your pronunciation”.

2. Grammatical range and Accuracy

In this section, 2 things are going to include. One is the grammatical range, that means how many complex sentences you are using and how much coverage you have of grammar. Other one is the accuracy, your grammar should be perfect and correct. Both of these run together. it will not feel good if your accuracy is good but you are using a very simple structure of sentences.

Grammar has 12 sentences and hundreds of multiple topics like narration, compositions and linking words. You must have to try the maximum with 100% correctness.

  • How to improve your grammar skills: An Extraordinary Guide to Grammar

3. Vocabulary A.K.A Lexical Resources

I do not need to tell you the importance of vocabulary. You can say it is the HTML and CSS of english language which gives the sentences looks and designs. You can make your sentences short and attractive with the help of good vocabulary words.

In the IELTS speaking test, you have to use simple, understanding, easily pronounceable vocabulary words. If you don’t use them, then you can’t think of a high band score. Every IELTS speaking examiner wants to check this first then others.

It is one of the most crucial factors of IELTS speaking marking criteria. Let me describe the meaning of vocabulary with an example by comparing 2 sentences.

  1. IELTS is the abbreviation of “International english language testing system”.
  2. IELTS is the short form of “international english language testing system”

Just look at both of these. I use abbreviation instead of short form in first sentence. The first one looks amazing and modern. Click on the link below to know 9 tips to improve vocabulary.

4. Fluency & coherence : IELTS Speaking Marking Criteria

IELTS Speaking Marking Criteria:- What is fluency? Millions of students are able to speak english but the problem that arises in front of them is fluency. It has become a big issue among non native english speakers.

  • What is fluency?
  • What is coherence?

In the IELTS speaking marking criteria, I put this factor on No. 2 after the vocabulary. Fluency means speed and smoothness. Let’s suppose you are travelling in a car and the car is stopping after every minute. It is common to feel irritated in this situation. The situation is the same in english language, at the time of speaking a sentence. You have to be fluent. The flawless english speaking ability can increase your speaking band score up to 9.

Coherence means the clarity of a sentence. It tells about the understanding of the sentence. The thing you want to say should be simple to talk about without any confusion. Just look at the examples below to understand the meaning of coherence.

  • Ram is playing football.
  • Football is played by ram.

First sentence is extremely simple and easy to understand. But the other one is passive voice and it could be confusing for some students. So, your sentence should be simple and coherent. Just visit this link if you want to improve your English speaking fluency.

Conclusion: IELTS speaking marking criteria

After telling you the IELTS speaking marking criteria, i want to say you that if you want to get 8 or 9 bands in IELTS speaking test, then you only have to work on these skills. Don’t be confused by other unimportant things. If you are confident in these skills then it is easy to achieve 9 bands in IELTS speaking exam.

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