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1. How to calculate the IELTS score

The candidate’s total IELTS score is the arithmetic average of the sub-items (listening, reading, writing and speaking) scores, with full and half points. The scores of each sub-item and the total score of the IELTS test are from 0 to 9, including full and half points, but there is no standard passing score (in fact, 6 points are almost the passing score that is often said). Each institution, institution or embassy that recognizes IELTS scores will set their own minimum score requirements for candidates.

If the average score is less than 0.25, it will be rounded to a whole point. If the average score is greater than or equal to 0.25 and less than 0.75, the entry will be a half point. If the average score is greater than or equal to 0.75, the entry will be the next whole point.

For example:

  • Listening 6.5 + Reading 6.5 + Writing 5 + Speaking 7 = 25/4 = 6.25 = 6.5 overall
  • Listening 4 + Reading 3.5 + Writing 4 + Speaking 4 = 15.5/4 = 3.875 = Overall 4
  • Listening 6.5 + Reading 6.5 + Writing 5.5 + Speaking 6 = 24.5/4 = 6.125 = Overall 6

2. How long is the IELTS score valid for?

For the IELTS test itself, the IELTS score is valid for 2 years from the date of the test. However, considering that the institutions, institutions or embassies that candidates apply for have different specific requirements on the validity period of scores, candidates need to directly contact the institutions that receive IELTS scores, such as schools or institutions, to ensure that the IELTS scores meet the requirements.

During the validity period of the IELTS score, candidates cannot cancel their test scores in any way, but they can choose not to use the IELTS score for the application. Each IELTS score is independent, so candidates can choose the one they are most satisfied with within the validity period of the IELTS score.

Candidates can log in to the IELTS registration website and enter the “My Status” page to check their scores online on the 10th working day after the test. Finally get to know your IELTS score by phone, fax or email and receive an original transcript, as well.

3. Are IELTS scores directly comparable to TOEFL or CET scores?

Can not. The three exams are set for different purposes and are not directly comparable. However, the scores can be converted according to the characteristics of the respective exams. In addition, the ETS official website also launched an IELTS TOEFL score converter in the first half of this year. Students can compare and compare!

4. Can I change my exam results at the British Council?

Scores cannot be changed, but if candidates have questions about their IELTS scores, they can apply for score reconsideration.

The above is a few points about the IELTS score, I hope you can pay attention. Candidates who want to study abroad must be clear about the above points.

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