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IELTS Reading Tips For high band score

10 IELTS Reading Tips to achieve high band score

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Second round of the IELTS test consists of a reading module.  In this test they will examine your  reading skills  and ask the question on that basis. Questions may be in the form of a multiple choice question,  sentence completion, contours of Any object,  appearance of any person, sentence matching, fill in the blanks, True false, summary, Flow chart completion etc. I asure you that these tips will definitely help you to achieve high band score in IELTS.

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In the reading paper they want to test your different skills which include

  1.  opinion of the writer
  2.  what conclusion you draw from the conversation
  3. Presence of Mind
  4.  difference between main Idea and supporting details
  5.  finding specific information
  6.  your vocab, Synonyms and  antonyms knowledge
  7. Your  knowledge of phrasal verbs and common idioms
  8. Manage your time is the most important

In this case the Academy test is different from the general test.Text for the general  test is  simple however  text for the Academy test might be challenging. Both tests consist of  60 minutes.  There are three rounds in the test which include the recording of three comprehensions that might be taken from any journal,  newspaper or book. 

You are searching for a way to improve your listening score for the IELTSexam then you are in the right place. Here are the tips that you can follow to improve your score.

1. Reading test is more of vocabulary test

Reading test they want to test your  knowledge of  vocab, synonyms, antonyms ,phrasal verbs, commonly used idioms.  The only way to master this  is reading. Adjective to read different types of text like newspaper general so that you get access to different types of vocab.

For example: The vocab  That is present in the newspaper is different like in report writing and the vocab used in an essay or  article is different. It can be done only if you do lots and lots of reading.

 Follow the given step to  increase your vocab

  • Let you delete a page daily
  •  write down the vocabulary in it on notebook 
  • Search for its synonym and antonym from Google
  • Learn the Vocabulary
  •  try to make sentences by using the word
  • Try  to implement that words in your daily life in your speaking so it become your habit

2. Develop skills to solve each type of question

There are 14 different types of questions that can be asked in the exam. You are not sure what type of question is going to appear  for you. It will take you lots of time to solve a particular type of questions if you have not practiced it earlier. Only key is practice and practice Every type of motion. 

3. Difference between skimming and reading

If you are given a short passage, your first task is to deeply read the passage. Your attention towards every small detail in the message as a passage is short. It will hardly take three to four minutes to analyze and understand what the passage wants to convey to you.

Your passage is long. Your task should be to read the questions first.  write important keywords On The Notebook from the question.  then start skimming the passage. Skimming is to just have the idea but the passage wants to convey . you need not to understand each and every word, every vocab just understands the Main idea. You have all the keywords which are related to the question. Try to deeply  read where you  Find your keyword in the passage.

Try this technique once it will definitely improve your score

4. Start practicing with timer: IELTS reading tips

When you start reading, use a timer. Try to reduce your timing as much as you can.  Example:

If you are reading a 150 word essay in  7 minutes. Next day try to complete the same essay in 6 minutes then in 5 minutes and so on.

Ideal time should be 150 words in 3 minutes 30 seconds. When you reach there, try to build your understanding skills.

5.   Give sufficient time for answer writing

Many students make mistakes here. They spend a lot of time reading the passage and understanding the meaning which is okay. But you should give proper timing for answer writing also. Many students spend a lot of time reading and very little time is left for answer writing.

They make Silly mistakes under pressure.  I generally  advise you to practice reading with the Answer writing  sheet. 

6.   attempt all questions – IELTS reading tips

 try to attempt all questions and there is no negative marking.  If you attempt all questions they may increase your  chances of Getting higher band  score. You have nothing to lose as there is no negative marking. 

7.When you practice feel like you are sitting in real examination

When it is your exam day  you may feel stressed and a bit nervous. Bright student is one

Who manages to  get away from all nervousness and perform best in exams.  so my advice here is whenever you practice at home you should feel like you are sitting in a real examination.

feel the same stress and nervousness and  Still perform best.

8. Do not apply your previous knowledge

All the answers to the questions are present in the passage.  Don’t apply your knowledge if you are aware of the information already. Only answer what is given in the passage. 

Example: Comprehension comes about recent news. You might have information for the same as you have also read the passage in the newspaper before. You have to answer the questions on the basis of what is given in the passage not on but you already know about.

9.  Ensure Grammar and spelling are correct while writing answers

IELTS Exam seeks your grammar and spelling knowledge. Write in proper grammar and you correct spelling.  This little mistake can Drive your score to a very low point.

10. Practice and practise – IELTS reading tips

Practice is  only the key Mantra that helps you to  reach zenith. Practice as much as you can IELTS Reading Tips .

If you are not good at English and aim  to score high, try  To make English your native language and  Practice more and more.

UnderStand where you are lacking.Be Realistic with yourself. Don’t aim to achieve results in one or two days. It is not a cup of tea that everyone can achieve but surely by practice you can achieve it. Remember you can and you will.

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