Understand IELTS Speaking Marking Criteria 2021 in easy way

IELTS speaking marking criteria

IELTS speaking marking criteria Hello, Today we will talk about the Judgement criteria of IELTS speaking interview. How the examiners marked your IELTS speaking test and on the basis of which facotors, you are going to score? But before discussing the IELTS speaking marking system, you need to understand what … Read More

12 Important IELTS Speaking Cue Cards List With Answers


IELTS Speaking Cue Cards:- Hello Guys, I am your IELTS trainer and today we will discuss IELTS speaking cue cards examples. As you already know this is the topic of IELTS speaking part 2. Without understanding the process of IELTS Speaking cue cards, it is impossible to crack the IELTS … Read More

Job Interview Preparation: 9 Simple Tips that Work

job interview preparation

The most asked question by the job seekers is “what should I do for job interview preparation”. To be successful in a job interview, anything can be done by teenagers like job Introduction preparation & Searching about the company & Fluent english speaking preparation, etc. But, here are some tips … Read More

How to introduce yourself To Impress the Examiner?


Introducing yourself is the Key to impressing anyone. Saying Hello and speaking your name is not good. Well, that is why you are here to search for the best way to introduce yourself. Sometimes when we go for a job interview or any educational interview, we just portray our name … Read More