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If candidates wish to have their scores re-sentenced, they can apply for the score reconsideration service. However, many candidates are not particularly familiar with the IELTS “reconsideration”. 

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Let’s know it deeply “How to Request a Remark of your IELTS Test”

01    What is “Reconsideration”

Simply put, IELTS is a process in which candidates disagree with their IELTS scores and apply to the official online for re-accreditation .

During the reconsideration process, the official will ask the examiner to re-mark the individual items of the application (mostly oral), to see if the scores given last time meet the scoring standards, and then decide whether to change your scores.

Strictly speaking, it is possible for grades to rise, fall, or stay the same. But in general, there is little chance of a drop in performance.

02 Reconsideration application time, fee and cycle

There will be a deadline for reconsideration applications. There will be a reminder on the official website after the results are released. Generally, the application period is within 1 month after the results are announced on the official website. The whole reconsideration process lasts for 6-8 weeks. After recharging and payment on the official website – filling in the information – payment is successful, you will enter the waiting process. During this period, you can log in to the personal homepage of the official website to check the processing status of the reconsideration application.

Beginning in April 2018, the reconsideration fee has risen to 1,400 yuan, and this price is the same regardless of how many items are reconsidered. The good thing is that the original transcripts do not need to be submitted and returned. It is only frozen during this period and cannot be used for any application.

03     Under what circumstances should remarking request carried out?

The reconsideration period is relatively long, and not every grade should be reconsidered. However, candidates can decide whether they need to reconsider according to their actual situation.

  1. There is a big difference between your actual score and the usual mock test or the predicted score after the test . If you feel that your answering ideas or answering content are not biased and perform well after the test is completed, you can consider reconsideration.
  2. There is a big difference between the highest score and the lowest score in a single item . If the results show a big difference, and the expected individual score is not obtained under normal performance, you can try to reconsider. In general, speaking and writing reconsideration are the most important .
  3. There is no rush to use the IELTS score , and the IELTS score report will not be used during the reconsideration period.
  4. There is only a small difference of 0.5, and the total score can be increased by 0.5 . The IELTS score is the sum of the four scores and then averaged. If the decimal point is full 0.25 after removing 0.5, it will go up by 0.5, and if it is not satisfied, it will be returned.
  5. One small point is enough to get the minimum score required by the major of the college you like , and you feel that you have performed well and feel pressured, and you do not have enough time to prepare for the test again or do not want to spend the cost to take the test again, and you can wait for the reconsideration time. classmate. If candidate A’s reconsideration writing is successful, and candidate B’s oral reconsideration is successful, and both increase by 0.5 points, it will have a greater impact on the final score. In this case, it is recommended that students try to reconsider.

Above, I hope that everyone will consider their own needs, and all those who want to reconsider will have a satisfactory result!

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What happens when I get my IELTS test remarked?

When you re-apply a remark for you IELTS test, your IELTS test will be revalued by a senior experienced examiner who does not know about your orignal markes or old marks awarded for every part – Reading, writing, speaking and listening. After the rechecking, your test center will be notified about your new marks, if the marks have changed then you will get the latest new TRF report as well.

When should i apply for a remark of my IELTS test?

The revaluation request should be made within 42 days (6 weeks) of the date shown on the test report from (TRF). You can either made a request for all the Modules or for a specific module such as listening, reading, writing and speaking.

How long will it take to remark my IELTS test?

Your IELTS revaluation result will be available in 2 to 21 days. It depends on multiple facctors including the number of sections requested for remark. If you have’nt recieved a responce after 28 days then you should contact your test center Via contact number or their email ID.

How much does it cost to request a remark of my IELTS test?

You must have to pay an enquiry fee which is fully refunded if your marks will change. If you are still doubtful then you should contact your test center for more information.

Should i apply for an EOR or just wait to Re-sit my test?

Not every student apply for EOR. It depends student to student. If you feel more confident about your marks and have done better than your currentely showing score, then applying for an EOR is anotheer option for you. This is marked by senior examiner who marks it independently and professionaly as compare to your first examiner. After this second recheking or assessment, your score could be the same or higher, depending on the senior exmainer’s marking.

I hope the information which i provided about the “How to Request a Remark of your IELTS Test” is good and you have understood it well and found it informational. Let me know it the comment section.

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