How to Prepare for IELTS Test Good absolute Guide 2021

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How To Prepare For IELTS Exam Without Spending Money On Coaching Centers And Institutes. If You Want To Know Step-By-Step IELTS Preparation Strategy Then Read This Article Till Last. 

Hello, How Are You IELTS Students? I Am Shubham Jindal & I Am A Content Writer + IELTS Tutor. In This IELTS Tutorial, I Am Going To Demonstrate To You How You Can Prepare For Your IELTS Exam Without Spending Money On Expensive Coaching Centers & IELTS Institutes. Most Of The IELTS Students Have A Dream To Migrate To Another Country For Their Further Studies In Reputed Universities. But Some Of Them Are Not Able To Join Coaching Or An Academy For IELTS. That Is Why They Want To Prepare For IELTS From Home. 

So, I Decided To Provide You With The Full Flash Guide To Prepare For IELTS By Sitting At Your Home. You Do Not Need To Worry About Money Because It Is The Best Way To Prepare For IELTS. Most Of The Students Ask Me “Can I Crack The IELTS Exam Without Coaching”. I Say Yes Every Time. It Is So Easy To Do But You Will Have To Make Some Efforts By Yourself. 

Let’s Start The Journey “How To Prepare For The IELTS Exam For Free.

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What Is IELTS: How To Prepare For The IELTS Test?

IELTS Stands For The “International English Language Testing System”. It Is An Extremely Popular And Worldwide Accepted English Language Proficiency Test. It Is Compulsory For Every Person Who Wants To Migrate Overseas Because Of Any Reason Such As Study Or Job. You Can Say This Is A Ticket To Go To Another Country. 

Why Do IELTS Tests Matter So Much? In Simple Words, This Test Tells You How Much English Do You Know And How Perfect You Are In The English Language. Because This Is The Most Important Factor Before Going To Any English Speaking Country. 

The IELTS Test Is Divided Into 2 Parts. One Is General IELTS And The Other One Is Academic IELTS. 

The Syllabus Is Slightly Changed In General As Compared To Academic, Otherwise, Both The Tests Are Almost The Same. Academic IELTS Is For Those Students Who Want To Pursue Their Higher Studies From Reputed Universities And Get Permanent Residence. But General IELTS Is Taken By Those Students Who Want To Go There Temporarily Or For The Job Reason With A Work Visa. If I Talk About Toughness, Then I Have To Say That This Is Not So Tough Or Complicated. You Just Have To Make Some Good Efforts And Understand The Format Of This IELTS Exam. 

Analyze Your Current Level Of English Level : Progress Check 

How to prepare for IELTS
How to prepare for IELTS

How To Prepare For IELTS:- A Proper Analysis Of Ourselves Is Important Before Starting The IELTS Preparation. Where Do You Stand And How Much English Do You Know? For Analyzing Yourself, Think About The Grammar Tenses And Some Important Verbs. If You Know How To Use Tenses To Make A Proper Sentence Then It Will Be Easy For You To Grab The IELTS Stuff. The Best Way To Know The Level Of You Is, You Can Set A Paper For You Or Take Help From Your Brother. After That, Solve That Paper Without Any Help. By This Method, You Can Check Your Mind. This Will Definitely Help You To Know “How To Prepare For IELTS”.

How Difficult Is the IELTS? How To Prepare For IELTS Without Practice Materials

How To Prepare For IELTS:- Let’s Check The Difficulty Of IELTS. According To Me, The IELTS Test Is Not Difficult. I Will Tell You Why? As You Know IELTS Is Divided Into 4 Parts: Speaking, Listening, Writing, And Reading. But All The Modules Are Interconnected And Based On Your Grammatical Skills. The Easiest Way To Crack The IELTS Is To Be An Expert In Grammar. Just Improve Your Grammatical Skills Up To The Maximum. 

For Example, You Are Preparing For IELTS Speaking And You Are Learning Some Vocabulary And Trying To Speak Fluently. But That Is Not Only About Speaking. That Vocabulary You Can Use In All Modules Like Writing, Reading, Or Listening. 

Understand The IELTS Test Format: IELTS Experts

How To Prepare For IELTS:- The IELTS Exam Format Is So Easy To Understand. Let’s Know One By One. How To Prepare For IELTS.

  • IELTS Writing: The Writing Module Of IELTS Contains 2 Tasks (Task 1 And Task 2). Task 1 Includes Bar Graph, Pie Chart, Table Chart And Process Chart, Etc. But Writing Task 2 Is Formally Easy. You Will Get 1 Hour To Complete Your Writing Module. Writing Task 1 Is 20 Minutes And Task 2 Is 40 Minutes.
  •  IELTS Listening: Listening Test Of 30 Minutes Audio Test And It Contains 40 Questions That Are Divided Into 4 Sections. For The IELTS Listening Exam, You Will Need Headphones To Listen Clearly. 
  • IELTS Reading: The Reading Test Is Also A 40 Minutes Test And They Will Give You 1 Hour To Complete The IELTS Reading Test. There Are 40 Questions Which Come As 3 Passages. 

IELTS Speaking: It Is A Face To Face Informal Interview With The Examiner. It Takes Up To 18 Minutes. The Speaking Test Contains 4 Parts. I Check Intro Questions, Cue-Card Par, And Follow-Up Questions Related To Part 3.

Know About The IELTS Marking Criteria Examiners

How to prepare for IELTS at home

How To Prepare For IELTS:- IELTS Tests Are Graded On A Scale Of 0 To 9 Bands. For Clearing The IELTS, You Will Have To Get 6+ Bands Because Below 6 Are Not Well. Your Total Score Is Marked On The Average Of All Modules. 

In This Article, I Am Going To Show You What Is The Meaning Of The Average Band Score In IELTS And How The Marks Are Calculated. This Will Definitely Help You To Know “How To Prepare For IELTS”.

IELTS Score Meaning: How To Prepare For IELTS

Band 9 Meaning : How To Prepare For IELTS

How To Prepare For IELTS:- Those IELTS Students Who Get Band 9 In Their IELTS Test Are Known As The Expert Users Of English. That Means They Have A Proper Command Of The English Language And Their English Speaking Fluency And Grammar Are Up To The Level. A Very Few People Can Achieve This Score And Because You Will Need To Do Very Much Hard Work For This. The Biggest Misconception Is That Those People Who Get Band 9 Are Perfect In English But That Is Wrong. Even They Made Some Mistakes. Everybody Made Some Mistakes. The Perfect Is Not A Proper Word For Them. It Is Not Impossible To Achieve 9 Bands In The IELTS Exam. Some Of The Students Do Not Need To Achieve This Much Score Because All Of The Reputed Countries Like The USA And Australia Want Only A 7 Or 7.5 Score. 

Band 8 Meaning : How To Prepare For IELTS

How To Prepare For IELTS:- If Someone Gets 8 Bands In An Exam Then He Or She Is Considered A “Very Good Or Comprehensive User” Of The English Language. That Means He Or She Has A Good Grasp Of This Language. Even These Types Of Students Can Teach IELTS. Sometimes Fortune Also Works To Get Band 9 In IELTS. Because 2 Or 3 Questions Can Be Marked As Right With Our Luck. I Just Want To Say That Luck And Hard Work Walk Together Every Time. 

Band 7 Meaning : How To Prepare For IELTS

How To Prepare For IELTS:- You Can Say That These Are Good Users Of English. Most Of The IELTS Students Can Easily Cope With The Complex Sentences Of English. Their Vocabulary Skills And Grammatical Skills Are A Lot Better. 7 Band Score Is The Minimum Score That You Should Get In Your Exam. Below 6 Bands Are Not Acceptable In Most Of The Countries. 

Band 6 Meaning : Indicative Band Score

How To Prepare For IELTS:- 6 Band Scorer Students Are The Medium Students. They Can Easily Deal With English But Most Of The Time They Make Mistakes. It Is Not A Bad Score. You Can Easily Apply For Canada With 6 Bands. But I Do Not Consider This A Good Score In IELTS. Most Of The Students Come To The Coaching Centers To Achieve 6 Bands Only. But They Don’t Know This Thinking Can Push Them Into A Big Issue. According To My IELTS Training Experience, Those Students Who Work Hard To Get 7 Or 8 Bands Are Only Able To Get 6 Or 6.5 Bands. In Simple Words, If Your Target Band Score Is 8 Or 9 Then You Will Have To Work Hard For Even 10 Bands. 

Note: We Will Not Discuss The 5 Band Score Or Below This. Because This Guide Is For Those Who Want To Get 7+ Bands Or 9 Bands. This Will Definitely Help You To Know “How To Prepare For IELTS”.

Practice With Sample Papers And Practice Tests: How To Prepare For IELTS

How To Prepare For IELTS:- As You Know Practice Makes A Man Perfect. Without Practicing You Will Not Know About All Types Of Questions And Types Of Exams. For Example, In Reading, There Are Many Types Of Questions And Their Difficulty Level Is Different. But, By Practicing, You Can Analyze Yourself At Different Levels. 

There Are Hundreds Of Books In Market. But Keep In Mind That Do Not Purchase The Practice Tests And Preparation Books From Your Local Bookstore. They Will Confuse You By Saying That We Sell Official IELTS Tests. But No One Is Allowed To Sell The Official IELTS Books And Practice Tests At Their Local Stationery Shop. They Are Just Misleading You.

For Getting The IELTS Past Paper Books, You Should Visit Only The Official Website. Some Best Websites Are Officially Authorized To Allot IELTS Practice Tests. Here Is The List Of IELTS Websites:- 

Do Not Make These Websites The Only Way To Practice For IELTS. Keep Remember, You Only Have To Improve The Level Of Your English Whether It Is Grammar Or Vocab. You Can Make Self-Tests For Practice. You Can Contact One Of Your Friends Who Has Joined The IELTS Institute. This Will Definitely Help You To Know “How To Prepare For IELTS”.

Improve Your IELTS Skills: IELTS Expert Tips

how to prepare for IELTS exam

How To Prepare For IELTS:- Just Change Your Learning Style. IELTS Modules Have Some Special Things That You Will Have To Learn To Succeed In IELTS. For Example, In The Writing Module Of IELTS, You Should Know About Writing A Captivating Introduction Or Paraphrasing Of The Intro. In Speaking, You Will Have To Know How To Make Sentences For Cue Cards. These Are Some Key Points That Can Pull You Back In IELTS. But Do Not Worry. I Am Going To Publish The Content On These Topics.  

Register For A Free IELTS Course

How To Prepare For IELTS:- Are You Shocked To Hear About The Free Course Of IELTS? Some Websites Offer Free IELTS Courses Like Udemy, Unacademy Or Leapcholar, And Youtube. Do Not Ignore Free Knowledge. Because Sometimes They Tell Us The Most Important Topic In Detail Which Might Not Be Available In Paid IELTS Courses Also. Many Websites Offer Free Courses But You Have To Be Aware Of Them. Visit Those Websites Regularly And Check Them. If You Want To Get Free Knowledge Then Udemy And Youtube Is The Best Source. 

Regular Practice With Sample Questions: Essential Strategies

Regularity Is The Key To Get 9 Bands In IELTS. Make A Proper Schedule To Learn Each Module At A Fixed Time. Make A Weekly Plan For A Single Module. There Are 4 Weeks In A Month And You Can Share Those Weeks For Each Module. Even I Did This To Prepare Myself For The IELTS Test. This Is The Best Way To Prepare For IELTS. You Should Practice On Familiar Topics. 

Analyze Your IELTS Progress Check Every Day 

Proper Analysis Is Important. Without This, It Becomes Tough For You To Know About Your Knowledge. You Can Apply For The Final Exam With The Help Of Analysis. To Analyze The IELTS Score, Make A Notebook Where You Will Write The Result Of Your Practice Tests And Your Daily Learnings. Suppose, You Have Learned 100 Vocabulary Words Today And Completed 4 Practice Tests. Then You Have To Write The Results In That Notebook. It Will Help You To Reach The Maximum IELTS Score. 

Surround Yourself With English

How To Prepare For IELTS:- I Recommend Students To Speak English In Their Daily Life. I Think It Is The Best Way To Prepare For The English Language. You Should Use English Words And Small Sentences In Your Routine. For Example, Where Are You Going, What Is Going On, What Are You Doing Here In My Room, Hey Mom, I Think You Are Cooking Something Delicious, Etc. There Are Many Activities Or Situations In Your Daily Life Where You Can Use Sentences. It Also Helps You To Improve Your Speaking Skills. But Don’t Think It Is Valuable Only For Speaking. Routine English Speaking Helps You To Be Habitual To Speak English Comfortably. Sometimes An IELTS Student Knows English Very Well But His Tongue Is Not Habitual To Speak Properly. So Use Vocabulary Words, Simple Sentences, And Phrases In Your Daily Life. There Are Many Common Topics To Prepare For This.

IELTS Reading Tips: How To Prepare For IELTS

Visit:- Top 17 IELTS reading Tips to get 9 bands

Read Magazines, Novels & Blog Posts Every Day

This Is The Best Practice And Friendly Advice To Get More Bands In The IELTS Reading Test. Some Of The Students Are Not Experienced In Reading. But Novel Reading And Story Reading Is The Best Way To Prepare For The IELTS. If You Feel Bored Reading All This Stuff. Then You Can Find Something Interesting To Read Like A Horror Story Or A Love Story Book In English. When I Was Preparing For IELTS, I Read Horror Stories Most Of The Time And Space Stories. Because I Was Keen To Know About The Space. It Will Help You On Both Sides. Your Reading Skills Will Improve And You Will Get Knowledge Of Something.

Take Help From The E-Books On Your Smartphone

How To Prepare For IELTS:- Smartphones Are The Best Friends Of Everyone. They Do Which We Tell Them. I Recommend Every IELTS Student Download Some Free Reading Applications That Offer Free E-Books. Why Do I Recommend Reading E-Books? There Is A Specific Reason Behind That. With The Help Of An Online Book, You Will Know The Advanced And Updated Vocabulary. That Vocabulary Will Help You In All IELTS Modules. Moreover, You Will Get Knowledge About Complex Grammatical Sentences. Here Is The List Of Best E-Books That I Use:- Amazon Kindle, Any Books, Nook, Kobo, Goodreads, Etc.

Work Grammatically : How To Prepare For IELTS 

How To Prepare For IELTS:- I Should Not Tell You Again And Again That Grammar Is The Foundation Of English. If Your Base Will Not Be Clear Then You Will Make Multiple Mistakes In All IELTS Tests. Proper Structure Of Sentences And Other Grammar Factors Are The Most Important Things Which Will Help You To Get Desired Bands In IELTS. You Can Buy The Best Grammar Books From The Local Shop. You Should Purchase The Book Of Arihant

IELTS Writing Tips: How To Prepare For IELTS

Understand The IELTS Writing Task Format Properly

How To Prepare For IELTS:- Before Starting Writing, You Need To Pick The Format Up In Your Mind. IELTS Divided The Writing Module Into 2 Tasks. Task 1 And Task 2. Task 1 Is An Informational Or Data Paragraph That You Will Have To Write In 150+ Words In 20 Minutes. Task 2 Is A Formal 250+ Words Paragraph That Is Compulsory To Write In Under 40 Minutes. To Get A Good Writing Score You Have To Understand Both Of Them. 

Increase Your Writing Speed: How To Prepare For IELTS

How To Prepare For IELTS:- It Is The Most Essential Thing. But Most Of The Students Do Not Focus On This. If We Talk About Writing Then Your Writing Speed Should Be Fast. You Only Have One Hour To Complete Your Writing Test And You Have To Complete Both The Tasks In The Given Time. Time Management Should Be Good In Writing. Even When I Was Giving The Exam, I Wrote My Writing Task 2 In 50 Minutes And I Did Not Have Enough Time To Write Task 1 But Fortunately, I Did In The Given Time And I Got 7.5 Bands In Writing. 

Practice To Spell Properly: How To Prepare For IELTS

Most Of The Intelligent IELTS Students Who Deserve 9 Bands Ignore The Spellings. But This Is One Of The Biggest Mistakes. IELTS Will Not Forgive You For Wrong Spelling. At The Time Of Note Down Your Answer In The Answer Sheet, Students Make The Spelling Mistake And IELTS Counts That As A Wrong Answer.  

Learn More Vocabulary Words: How To Prepare For IELTS

An Attractive Vocab Word Can Easily Help You To Get A High Band Score. You Should Learn 150 To 200 Vocab Words Daily With The Meaning. It Will Help You In All Modules. You Can Impress Your Examiner In IELTS Speaking. Easy To Make A Complex Sentence With Those Words. It Will Be Easy To Understand The Words In Listening. So Focus On The Vocabulary. 

IELTS Listening Skills Tips: How To Prepare For IELTS

Watch English Movies And Listen To The Podcasts: Advice For Listening

Listening To Podcasts And Watching Interesting Hollywood Movies Can Eagerly Help You In IELTS Listening. Sometimes, At The Time Of The IELTS Listening Test, Some Of The Words Are So Confusing And Tough To Understand. To Overcome This Problem, Your Ears Will Have To Be Able To Listen To English In An American Accent. Because All Of The IELTS Videos Are In The Accent Of The UK And America Or Australia. So Watching English Movies Is The Best & Interesting Option.

Do Meditation To Listen In A Better Way: How To Prepare For IELTS

Do Not Judge Me By This Okay, Are You Thinking Why I Am Telling You To Do Meditation. It Is The Main Reason For Some Of The Students. Some Of The IELTS Students Face Difficulties To Put Their 100% Focus On Listening. Meditation Can Help You In This Situation. Listening Needs Your 200% Focus Because You Have Only A Single Chance To Listen To The Audio Recording. For Example, In The Middle Of Recording, Someone Calls You, And Your Focus Shifts There For 5 Seconds Then It Can Harm Your Band Score Very Badly. They Will Not Play Twice. Daily Meditation Improves Your Mental Focus. 

Learn All The Contradictory Words: How To Prepare For IELTS

Do You Know About The Contradictory Words, Some Of The Important Opposite Words That Change The Meaning Of The Sentence On The Support? For Example, But On The Other Hand, Etc. These Are The Words That Can Push You Into Confusion. In The Listening Test, Sometimes The Speaker Agrees About Any Talk But Then He Uses But To Oppose The Situation. Then Automatically The Answer Is Changed To No From Yes. So Learn All The Words Like This. 

Try To Catch The Accent: How To Prepare For IELTS

Every Country Has Their Different Accent Of Speaking. In The Listening Tests, Their Accent Is From The UK, America, And Australia. So Indian Students Are Not Able To Understand Their Talk. To Overcome This Issue, You Need To Try To Understand Their Accent. This Is Possible Only In One Situation. Go To The 1st Point Of Listening.

IELTS Speaking Tips: How To Prepare For IELTS

Visit:- Top 15 IELTS speaking tips

Try To Speak English In Your Daily Routine

I Have Already Said That All The Modules Are Inter-Connected. I Have Discussed This Before In This Article. Daily English Speaking Will Help You To Grab A Range Of Words. Some Of The Students Who Are Not Familiar With The English Language Can Do This To Improve Their English Speaking Skills. Like You Wake Up In The Morning And You Can Say Good Morning To Everyone And Ask About Their Health By Saying How Your Health Is Going. You Can Talk With Your Friends In English. 

Practice By Sitting At The Front Of Mirror 

A Most Interesting And Powerful Method To Improve Your English Speaking. You Can Spend 1 Hour Daily In Front Of A Mirror To Speak English With Yourself. It Will Increase Your Confidence To Speak In Front Of The Examiner. Ask Intro Questions To Yourself And Say Cue Cards Are The Best Speaking Practice To Grow In IELTS. 

Practice To Pronounce And Be Fluent 

Pronouncing Difficult Words Can Be A Problem For You During Your Speaking Exam. Some Of The Words Are Mostly Impossible To Say. For Example, Atrocity, Fanatical, Pensive, Respite, Discordant, Eloquent, Encompass, Imperceptible, Etc. These Types Of Words Can Break The Fluency And Put The Bad Impact In Front Of The Examiner Who Is Taking Your IELTS Speaking Test. 

Value Of Time Management In IELTS: Perfect Aid To Learners

A Total Classroom In Person:- IELTS Preparation Is On The Other Side But Time Management Should Be On Top-Level. In My IELTS Teaching Experience, Many Students Can Get 8 Or 9 Bands But They Back Away Only Because Of Bad Time Management Skills. All The Modules Of This Test Have Their Time Limits. 

  • The Writing Module Should Be Complete In 1 Hour. 20 Minutes Of IELTS Writing Task 1 And 40 Minutes For Writing Task 2. It Is Compulsory To Manage Time. If You Have Done Your 1st Task In 25 Minutes Then It Is Going To Mess. Work On Your Writing Speed And Thinking Speed.
  • The Reading Test Is Also A 1-Hour Test And It Has 40 Questions. Reading Needs High Reading Skills And Understanding Power. Work To Improve Your Finding Techniques. Learn To Skim And Scan The Paragraphs. It Will Save You Time.

IELTS Best Practices Before The Exam : Crack IELTS Exam In First Attempt.

Start Preparation Hard 6 To 8 Weeks Before The Exam

As The Exam Is Coming Near The Tension Increase Day By Day. But If You Level Up Your Preparation Then The Situation Becomes Neutral. When You Feel That 2 Months Are Left For The Exam. You Should Double Your Work And IELTS Practice Tests. If You Were Doing 1 Practice Test A Day Then Start To Do 2 To 3 Practice Sessions Per Day. Give 4 To 5 Hours More To Your Preparation. Make A Proper Study Plan To Follow Each IELTS Module At Fix Time. 

Get A Study Guide Or A Book To Prepare Effectively

A Book Always Helps You To Get Clear-Minded. There Are Multiple E-Books And Guides Are Available. But I Recommend Following A Specific Website To Prepare. The Best Website To Prepare For IELTS Is Ielts.Org. It Is The Official Website For IELTS And You Can Book An IELTS Test From Here. Some Of The Websites Are Official Preparation Resources. 

Do 2 Practice Tests Every Day For Each Module

 As You Know IELTS Has Four Modules And Each One Needs Practice. To Complete 2 Sample Tests Per Day. That Means 8 Practice Sessions A Day Is Mandatory To Get 8+ Bands In IELTS. 

Download An Android App For IELTS Preparation: How To Prepare For IELTS

Have You A Smartphone? If Yes Then What Are You Waiting For? Download An App For IELTS. This Application Provides You Pre-Designed Sample Tests For IELTS Practice. Even Updated Information Is Also There. There Are Many IELTS Related Apps But I Recommend To Download These Online Tools.

Some Invaluable Tools To Prepare IELTS

  • IELTS Prep For Leap Scholar
  • IELTS Prep App 
  • IELTS Practice And IELTS Test
  • IELTS Vocabulary & Preparation

These 4 Applications Are Highly Recommended To Prepare For The Test Of IELTS. 

Read All The IELTS Conditions Before A Day

It Will Be Good To Read Out All The Terms And Conditions Regarding The IELTS Test. At The Time Of Application For IELTS, They Will Give You A Paper Where All The Terms Are Written. It Will Save Your Time And Prevent You From Confusion. For Example:- Reach The Test Center Before 30 Minutes And Do Not Carry A Watch Or Mobile With You OR Carry Your Passport With You Because It Can Be Checked By The Examiner. 

Get A Good Sleep Last Night Before The IELTS Test

Our Sleep Is Directly Connected To Performance And Energy. If You Take Good Sleep Then You Will Stay Calm And Focused On The Exam. Sometimes Students Feels Unenergetic And It Becomes A Reason For Headache. IELTS Tests Need Focus And Concentration Because In IELTS You Will Have To Do Some Hard Practice Like Finding Questions, Thinking Synonyms, Tick Marks, And True-False So This Needs High Thinking Power And Brainpower. 9 To 10 Hours Of Sleep Will Help You To Be Energetic And Well-Focused. 

Revise All The Important Formulas And Tricks Before The Final Play

How To Prepare For IELTS test:- IELTS Exam Based On Tips And Tricks. There Are Thousands Of Things Which You Should Note Down. Every IELTS Module Has Their Own Factors Which Are Noticeable. For Example:-

  • Write Down All The Necessary Vocabulary Words That You Are Going To Use In Writing Tasks.
  • Revise Grammar Tenses And Rules To Stay Away From Grammatical Errors.
  • Sight Out The IELTS Band Descriptor Again To Analyze The Test. 
  • Analyze All Types Of Reading Questions And Their Names. 

Do No Go For Fake Tests: How To Prepare For IELTS

Some Of The IELTS Centers Provide Outdated And Fake Tests To Their Students. Which Helps Students But Not In A Better Way Because They Are Outdated And Are Not Going To Come In Exam. Practice Only New And Updated IELTS Stuff. IELTS Academic Test Preparation Can Not Be Done With Them. You Need To Do Authentic Practice Tests. 

Conclusion: How To Prepare For IELTS

Effective Strategies:- After Summing Up All The Details And Solutions, I Came To The Primary Point That Is Important To Discuss Before Ending. I Just Want To Say That The IELTS Is Not Difficult. Nothing Is Difficult If You Have Decided To Complete The Task. IELTS Is Just An English Preparation. Prepare For The IELTS Exam As An English Language Test. You Are Just Learning A Language Like Hindi. Do Not Dare To Do This. All Of The Modules Are Interconnected. I Hope This Article Was Informational For You “How To Prepare For IELTS”.

Frequently asked questions: How To Prepare For IELTS

Is Consistency Important To Prepare For IELTS ?

Answer. It Is Extremely Crucial To Be Consistent At The Time Of Preparation. Let’s Suppose You Are Preparing For The IELTS Cue-Cards But You Are Practicing Today But Not Tomorrow. It Can Be Harmful For Your Band Score.  2 Modules Need Regular Practice. One Is Speaking And Another Is Writing. 

Which Is The Best YouTube Channel To Prepare For IELTS ?

Answer. Although Youtube Is The Best Platform To Prepare For Anything & There Are Multiple IELTS Preparation Channels There. But I Personally Recommend “IELTS-Liz” To Prepare For The IELTS. The Tutor Of That Channel Has Extraordinary Skills And She Can Easily Explain All The Modules To You. I Am Following This Channel From 3 Years And Doing Online Practice. You Can It Is The Nearest Test Centre. It Will Definitely Help You To Improve Your English Language Skills. IELTS Liz Is Like A English Language School Where You Find All The Stuff At A Single Place. 
She Has Her IELTS Preparation Website Too Which Is Very Popular Among IELTS Students. So Visit Her Website Also For Grabbing The Knowledge Of International English Language System. You Can Say It Is One Of The Best IELTS Prep Resources. 

Which Is A Better Option For The IELTS Preparation: Taking Coaching Or Self Study At Home ?

Answer. Most Of The Students Ask Me This Question Because Some Of Them Are Not Able To Afford The Fees. Although It Is Not Bad To Prepare For IELTS At Home. Even I Have Cracked My Exam By Preparing At Home. If You Make A Proper Schedule And Follow It Continuously Then It Is Too Easy To Prepare For IELTS. Otherwise It Will Take Some Extra Time. It Is Totally Upon You, How Much Time You Give To The Preparation. How To Prepare For IELTS.

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