How to improve IELTS Score

How can I improve the IELTS score?” This is a question circling in the minds of many IELTS students.

Most of the IELTS students wants to improve IELTS score in mothes or in some weeks. But it is not possible without knowing some specific criteria’s.  Let’s know them:

Whole IELTS score overview and how to calculate it.

01IELTS program

  1. Understand the IELTS test: understand the test content, test time, test structure
  2. Know your goals (the score you want to take)
  3. Preparation: recite words, understand grammar knowledge points, prepare writing materials and good words
  4. Simulation training: IELTS past real questions, oral simulation training, writing feedback
  5. Exam preparation: mentality adjustment, documents, route preparation

Detailed IELTS scoring

02. Sub-items to prepare

  1. Common item: word
  2. The rest: listening, speaking, writing, reading

1. Words or Vocabulary advancements

Vocabulary can be said to be the most important thing for getting a high score in IELTS . First, you can find a suitable APP to recite and learn words, and use fragmented time to memorize more. But it’s not enough to memorize the words from the vocabulary list. After learning the words, you must try to use them in different places. The easiest is to use words to make sentences by yourself, or you can find relevant choice fill-in-the-blank questions to deepen your memory.

2. Hearing or Listening

Pay attention to key vocabulary: When you hear some vocabulary in the listening test, such as: time, place, and name, you should be vigilant, and it is very likely that this will appear in later questions.

Listen more usually: You can download the listening part of the real IELTS test and the simulated test on your mobile phone, and you can listen more in the subway and during lunch breaks to cultivate the sense of listening.

3. Spoken language or IELTS speaking

The best way to improve your speaking score is to speak more . Using an app that can communicate with native English speakers can quickly improve your spoken English. In addition, you can watch and imitate by watching videos of getting high scores in the IELTS speaking test , such as searching for “IELTS speaking high score test” on the video website.

4. Read

The most important thing for reading score is vocabulary , and fast reading speed is also an important part of improving reading score. When doing a question, you should read the question first, understand the type of question, and then read the article. If there are words and sentences that you don’t know and don’t understand, you can skip them first, and don’t die.

Avoid these bad IELTS reading habits if you wanna achieve high IELTS band score.

5. Writing

There are four scoring criteria for IELTS essay: TR, CC, LR, GRA.

If you want to improve your writing score, you need to start from these four areas:

TR: Task Response (writing completion). TR mainly examines the completion of the candidate’s composition and whether the understanding and expansion of the topic are sufficient. That is to say, when writing a point of view, it is not only necessary to present a point of view, but also to support and expand the point of view.

CC: Coherence and Cohesion. CC is to test the fluency of the composition. In this part, candidates should pay attention to the grammar of the article and whether the overall writing is logical enough, and can use conjunctions appropriately to make the article look reasonable and cohesive.

LR: Lexical Resource (lexical application). In the LR part, the daily vocabulary accumulation plays a big role, and the correct use of words can get a higher score in this part.

GRA: Grammatical Range and Accuracy (Breadth and Accuracy of Grammar). This part, like vocabulary, is also a basic part, as long as you lay a good foundation for grammar every day.

It is also very important to get feedback in time after writing the article. It is recommended to find some professional teachers to make corrections and give suggestions.

Conlcusion to improve IELTS score

Some of the students have been preparing for the IELTS exam for 9 to 10 months. But they are not getting satisfactory results. For that reason they are trying to improve IELTS score. For this, I have written these factors which will definitely help you to improve IELTS score. Read it.

I hope you found this article about “How to improve IELTS band score” helpful and informational.

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