How To Become an IELTS Trainer : A genuine Guide for 2021

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Hello IELTS students

Are you dreaming of becoming a Successful IELTS trainer? If yes then this blog is for you. Becoming an IELTS teacher is not common because there are only some people who know about IELTS.

Do you know that millions of IELTS tests are organized every year and there are 1700+ official IELTS institutes worldwide? IELTS is a worldwide famous exam to migrate to another country. More than 8000 IELTS organizations are conducting the exam in all the countries in the world.

IELTS is the specific platform that gives huge popularity to the English language. People use the English language for professional use, personal use, or social use. All the other languages hide behind English.

In this guide, I am going to show you some necessary things to become an IELTS trainer. So let’s start the tutorial without wasting any time.

What do you need to become an IELTS trainer?

Firstly, we need to know what are the requirements to become an IELTS trainer? Do you need any degree or any certificate? I will clear all the doubts related to the IELTS teacher in this section.

  1. You Should Be qualified
  2. native or non-native English speaker
  3. how much experience do you need

We will discuss all of this one by one and I will tell you the requirements that you can fulfill if you want to become an IELTS teacher.

How many qualifications Do You need?

Everything needs a specific college degree in the educational field. It is the same in IELTS. If you have a dream to teach IELTS then you should graduate in any course. Not in the subject related to English or masters in English but you can be a student of medicine and science. It is your choice.

Most of the IELTS trainers have a degree in Humanities but it is not mandatory. One of the most recommended things you need is to take training to teach English to non-native speakers. Let me explain to you in detail.

If you want to be an IELTS tutor then take CELTA. It is the most preferred Qualification for an English teacher. CELTA stands for “Certificate in Teaching English language to Non-native Speakers” This particular course is from Cambridge.

In simple words, 90% of the international English teachers trust this course if anybody wants to take high-quality English teaching. It is a goldmine for English tutors and nobody can decline this.

Motive of CELTA

  • Provide practical knowledge to beginner teachers.
  • Make them confident to teach thousands of students or learners at a time.
  • It also includes face-to-face communication between students and teachers.
  • Personal and Mental dealing with the student.
  • Their motive is to generate genuine English teachers worldwide.
  • Provide them a 100% recognized English teaching certificate which is accepted globally.
  • Helping New trainers to start their career in the teaching field.
  • To train native and non-native speakers.

Link:- A Definitive Guide to CELTA

Native or Non-native speaker

A few years ago, people thought Native speakers of English had some special skills to teach IELTS and they could tute the students as professionals. No native speaker thinks that they are better than us. But now the situation has changed. Nowadays, 66% of non-native speakers are authorized by CELTA and officially prepared to teach IELTS students. Understandably, native speakers are familiar with the English language but that does not mean that they are born to be an IELTS teachers. Whether you are native or non-native, you can become an IELTS teacher.

How much experience do you need?

Experience is the key to show that you are prepared to do the task. Every teacher has their capabilities but in the case of teaching IELTS, you need a minimum of 3 years of experience to start as an IELTS trainer.

Best practices to start IELTS teaching

In this section, I am going to tell you how to become an IELTS trainer or what are some popular ways to build your image as an IELTS trainer.

  • To start a Youtube channel
  • Write a Guide or Book and sell
  • Start a Dedicated website

Start a Youtube channel

It is one of the most common ways to represent your skills among learners. Nowadays, everyone has their youtube channel and they are guiding people with their knowledge and experience. If you want to start your journey as an IELTS trainer then it is good to start a youtube channel. where you can make videos according to the chapters and gain subscribers then become famous as an IELTS teacher.

Prepare a Book or Guide and Sell

Have you thought about taking a course? If not, then think quickly. Some people do not have cameras or video editors to make the videos for youtube channels. But don’t worry. It is the best option to write a book. Many of the book writers or Ph.D. students are writing their books and publishing them to earn money by their skills. A book is the only choice that can represent you as a teacher. Although it looks professional and wise.

Start a dedicated website

Millions of people are building their websites related to their interests. It is not a bad idea to make a website. by making a specific website, you can drive traffic there, gain online subscribers and earn. Even I recommend everyone to build a website because you can modify this from time to time. Here you can sell courses, books, tutorials, etc. A website can help you to enhance your IELTS career fastly.

Why people want to become an IELTS trainer

There are multiple reasons to become an IELTS teacher. But I will show you some Most common reasons that will amaze you.

  • Some people want to become IELTS preparation specialists.
  • Dream to receive a certificate from British council
  • Some love teaching.

Those students who take admission in IELTS speed up their dream to become a specialist in IELTS preparation. because they feel that it is one of the most royal jobs. It is not deniable that IELTS teachers have special respect. At the time of learning, students find their interest in specific modules like English speaking or writing, and then they want to teach that subject.

British Council is one of the most popular and official IELTS centers that conduct the IELTS test worldwide. Every IELTS student or teacher has a dream to be a certified IELTS teacher by the British council. Even those teachers who have been teaching for 10 years do not have a certificate because you need to complete some extreme criteria to get that certificate.

Popular Myths Regarding IELTS trainer

  • IELTS trainer earns thousands of dollars:- It is one of the most popular myths among students and teachers. They think that they get their salary in millions or thousands. But this is wrong. It completely depends on their skills and experience. If you have skills then you can start your IELTS center or institute and earn more by online IELTS teaching. 
  • IELTS teacher has a vast knowledge of English:- People’s thoughts are not in our hands. They think nobody can teach English better than an IELTS teacher. But that is wrong. IELTS teachers are only to teach IELTS but not for literature or any other English subject. They are just bound in IELTS format, grammar, Band score criteria, skills to improve band score, IELTS preparation etc.

Conclusion: How to become an IELTS trainer

Becoming an IELTS trainer is not a tough task. To be internationally eligible to teach the English language is the most preferred work by IELTS lovers. 

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