IELTS Vocabulary : 9 Student Friendly Ways to Improve Now

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Hello Dear Students, 

IELTS Vocabulary Tips:- I Came Back With The Most Important Topic Of The English Language. You Can Say This Is A CSS And HTML Of The English Language. People Use This To Design Their Sentences. The Name Of This Thing Is Vocabulary. This Is Used To Modify Your Sentences And Lines. 

In This Blog, I Will Tell You The 9 Most Important Tips To Learn Vocabulary For The IELTS Exam. If You Do This Then I Make You 100% Sure That You Will Get 7 Or 8 Bands In Your IELTS Writing Module And Speaking Module. 

Do Not Learn A Long List Of Words

IELTS Vocabulary Tips: Learning An Extremely Long List Of Vocab Words Can Not Improve Your Band Score. Even It Will Put A Burden On Your Head. The IELTS Exam Is Not About Learning. You Can Not Build Up Your Language Skills By Learning Thousands Of Words. For Example, If You Want To Learn To Drive A Car. For This, You Will Need To Practice By Yourself. Same In Vocabulary, As Much As Practice You Will Do To Learn The Vocabulary Words. It Will Improve Automatically. Suppose You Are Learning 1000 Words At A Time But You Do Not Know Where To Use Them In The IELTS. They Are Completely Useless. So Be Slow And Steady In Vocabulary.

Vocabulary Will Take Time To Improve

IELTS Vocabulary Tips:- According To My, Vocabulary Is Not A Fast Race. There Are Millions Of Words Out There. But They Are Not Made For You. They Are Related To Different Things And Works. So You Should Learn Some Words Per Day. Day-To-Day Practice Will Show You Positive Results In Your Vocabulary Skills. Suppose You Want To Learn Tough And Complex Words To Show Off In Front Of Someone And You Hardly Try To Speak Them. But This Causes Wrong Sentences And Meaning. So Do Not Do This Again. Do Not Think That If You Are Using Simple Words Then This Does Not Mean That You Are Not Knowledgeable. IELTS Does Not Recommend Using Vast Vocabulary In Your Speaking Or Other Modules. The Primary Motive Is To Speak Fluent And Understandable English. Vocabulary Can Help You To Grab More Bands But It Is Not Like That. It Will Take Time To Build Up.

Find A Resource That You Enjoy : IELTS Vocabulary Tips

There Are Millions Of Ways To Learn New Vocabulary Words. But All Are Not Reachable. Some Of The Students Do Not Want To Learn The Vocabulary From The Book Or Notes. But It Is Not The End. You Can Listen To English Podcasts, English Songs, Or Watch English Movies To Build Your Vocab Skills. I Feel That, If Someone Is Enjoying Learning Then It Becomes The Best Way To Learn. You Will Never Feel Bored.

Get A New Notebook; IELTS Vocabulary Tips

Writing Something In A Notebook Is The Best Way To Remember Things. Nobody Has So Much Mind To Learn Things In A Single Try. Let’s Suppose You Have Learned 50 Vocabulary Words In The Morning But You Did Not Write Them Down In The Notebook. It Is 95% Impossible For You To Remember 10 Of Them. So To Overcome This Problem, You Should Buy A New Notebook To Write Down The Words For Future Revision.

Consume All The Resources

This Heading Is Directly Related To The First One And Third One. There Are Lakhs Of Resources And Applications Which Can Provide You With The Upcoming Words. But, Do You Know What They Are? The Era Of Technology Is A Blessing For Us. You Can Do Anything Without Spending So Much Money. Firstly Download All The Applications, News Apps On Your Smartphone. Make A Checklist Of Them And Visit Them Regularly. Learn The Vocab From Wherever You Want.

Look Up The Meaning And Synonyms

The Best Way To Put The Tough Words Into Your Mind Is To Understand The Meaning. Some Of The Students Even Draw A Picture Of That Word’s Meaning To Learn Quickly Because Our Brain Is Picture Friendly. Many Words Are Tough To Spell And Understand. But Do Not Worry. You Can Find Synonyms Of Them That Are Easy To Learn. Every Word Has Its Twins Or Synonyms. So Use Them To Use A Variety Of Words In Your Sentence.

Learn Relevant Words : IELTS Vocabulary Tips

Will You Want To Use All The Words In Your Vocabulary? If Yes Then You Want To Waste Your Precious Time. For Example, You Are A Businessman And Do Tech Business. But Consistently You Are Learning The Words Which Are Related To Cooking And Dancing. Will They Help You In The Future? No-Never. They Are A Waste For You. So I Mean To Say That Just Learn The Relevant Words Which Can Probably Come In Your IELTS Test. Your Brain’s Memory Is Not For Waste. So Fill This With Valuable Things And Impressive Vocabulary.

Get Into Good Study Habits: IELTS Vocabulary Tips

This Is Directly Related To Consistency. If You Do Not Maintain This Then You Will Have To Face Issues. You Should Acquire Good Study Habits Such As Reading Novels And Magazines And Listening To The BBC News. It Is The Only News Channel That Can Aid You To Grab The New Upcoming Words Related To All The Fields. 

  • Read English News
  • Listen To English Songs
  • Watch English Movies
  • Read Good Novels And Magazines

Make Your Dictionary : IELTS Vocabulary Tips

This Point Is Not Related To The Fourth One. That Is About To Get A Notebook. But In This Section, I Am Talking About Writing Those Words Which You Use In Your Daily Routine. Keep A Small Dairy In Your Pocket. Write Down All The Words Which You Have Used In The Past 24 Hours. I Know It Can Be Complicated To Maintain A Diary. But It Will Work. According To The Latest Research Of The Oxford Dictionary, A Common Person In The UK And USA Uses 3000 To 3500 Words In Their Whole Life. So Try To Do This. I Am Sure That It Will Be Helpful For You.

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