IELTS Test Format 2021 : Well Explained in Simple Way

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IELTS Test Format 2021:- IELTS is an exam which is totally based on a specific format. Without studying about the format, you can not get high band score. So, Each and every module has a particular method to complete.

Before Knowing about the IELTS exam format, you need to know one most important thing. IELTS offers 2 types of tests.

Both of these types implement similar format. There is no difference between the judgement and marking methods in academic and general training. After that, Other important information you need to grab is that IELTS has 4 modules.

  • IELTS Reading
  • IELTS speaking
  • IELTS listening
  • IELTS writing

In this IELTS test format 2021 guide, we are going to discuss the whole information in a deepest way. So, let’s start without wasting any time. We will talk all the 4 modules one by one.

1. IELTS test Format 2021 For Academic Reading

IELTS Test Format 2021:- IELTS reading test format is a little bit complex because their is some difference between IELTS academic reading and general reading.

You have to read the 3 passages and give the related answers from the passages. But while reading, you need to remember 2 things.

  • Read quickly and efficiently
  • Manage time properly

IELTS reading test is held to check your reading skills but some more thing the examiner want to analyze is that:-

  • Recognize the main ideas
  • Representing the general meaning of the passage
  • scanning the writer’s opinion and purpose
  • Follow the growth of the arguement and the question
  • Move in the detail of question
Academic Reading test FormatThere are 3 long passages will come which are based upon facts, common analysis and recent information. These are normally taken from the magszines and newspapers. These passages are specially selected for the students who want to take admission in a english university because the toughness is same.
IELTS reading test DurationIELTS reading test is of 60 minutes in which the answer transfer time is included. Click on this link If you want to know that “How to Manage time in IELTS reading test
Number of Questions in reading test40 questions will come. All the answers of these question are from the passages.
Types of Questions will come1. Match the headings
2. Complete the sentences
3. Short answer questions
4. MCQs
5. Fill in the blanks
6. Fill the gaps in a table
IELTS marks JudgementIELTS test is judged on the scale of 9 bands. Click here to know the IELTS band score criteria.
IELTS Academic reading test format

IELTS general Training reading test Format

As i said before, the format of IELTS general training reading is same as the academic. But there are few thing which i need to discuss.

  • IELTS general training is easy that academic.
  • The passages are easy to read and understand.
  • You can easily find the answers.
  • IELTS general reading test is for those who wants to learn basic english.

2. IELTS test format 2021 for Writing

The IELTS writing test is the most important module of the IELTS test. You need to know some important factors before knowing the writing test format with the help of this IELTS Test Format 2021.

The IELTS writing test has 2 tasks : task 1 and task 2. Both of these are mandatory to attempt and each task will be analyzed on different criterias. The demands of both the tasks are different from each other. In this section, we will talk about the IELTS academic writing test format and IELTS general training writing, because both of these are totally different from each other.

IELTS academic Writing test format

  1. Academic writing test Format:- IELTS writing test is a formal writing test in which you have to write 2 writing tasks.
    • In task 1, You will write graphs, tables and charts. Click to this link to get the IELTS writing task 1 Guide.
    • In the IELTS writing task 2, you have to write a complete essay related to the specific topic and give your opinions, showing comparisons and much more. Click here to get the IELTS writing task 2 guide.
  2. Time duration of Both the Writing tasks:- Before writing the time duration i need to tell you something. You have to complete the task on time and you will not be allowed to write when the time is complete. The IELTS system is extremely strict. Both the tasks have a time limit of 1 hour and task 1 is of 20 minutes and task 2 is of 40 minutes. More information is in the Guide So you should visit that to know more.
  3. Word limit:- Task 1 is 150 words and task 2 is 250 words.

IELTS general Training writing test format

In the IELTS test format 2021, the general training format is quite format free. because you can write both the tasks in a personal style.

  • The task 1 is a letter and task 2 is an essay. Both are based on personal interest. You can write them according to you in formal or informal style.
  • The time is also the same as the academic writing test. 20+40.

3. IELTS Test format for IELTS Speaking test

IELTS Test Format 2021:- IELTS speaking test format is quit complex and you need to learn multiple things at a time. So to know the IELTS test format 2021 of IELTS speaking exam then Visit this Link:- IELTS speaking test format. This link contains the IELTS speaking guide where i have explained the format completely.

4. IELTS test format 2021 for Listening

The IELTS test comes with 4 recordings and it is specifically to check your english listening skills and your understanding level of english language.

  1. IELTS listening format:- In IELTS listening test, it includes 4 recordings that are spoken by the native english speakers.
    • Recording 1 is the conversational part between two people who are talking socially and about a particular topic.
    • Recording 2 is all about local facilities. This is also a conversation.
    • Recording 3 is a simple talk between 4 to 5 people about educational or environmental topics.
    • Recording 4 is based on the school lecture or university lecture.
  2. In the IELTS test format 2021 guide, the listening test is a little bit different. Because you will get some extra time for transferring your answers to the answer sheet. Otherwise the listening test is also 30 minutes long. Total 40 minutes includes answer transfer time
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