IELTS Reading Tips: Top Secret 17 Tips For IELTS Reading

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Hello, Dear intelligent Students,

IELTS reading tips are the most asked questions by those students who are beginners and facing problems in finding the correct answer in the IELTS reading test. Because every module in IELTS has their separate and special tips which help you to move faster. Same as reading, IELTS reading Test also has some unique IELTS reading tips and tricks.

According to the analysis of the past year, 83% of the IELTS students got very low band scores in IELTS reading. I was extremely shocked to listen to this. This is the biggest reason to tell you the tips for IELTS reading. In simpler words, IELTS reading tips are some type of Do’s and don’ts that you have to remember at the time of IELTS reading.

Let’s start the journey to know the IELTS reading tips which will work 100%

Top 11 IELTS Reading Tips for 2021

#1- Skimming & Scanning the paragraphs: IELTS Reading Tips

IELTS reading tips
IELTS reading tips

Skimming and scanning is the most popular strategy among IELTS students. Every expert IELTS trainer will tell you this before the reading test. The meaning of skimming means you have to sight out the whole and all paragraphs before starting to find out the answers. It is not about reading and understand the whole paragraph. You just need to understand the layout and know what the paragraph is telling about.

It is the most important reading practice which you should do before every reading test. Skimming is the same as finding the summary of whole information. it will give you the chance to get a sense of the topic. By doing skimming, it will be easy for you to find the answer quickly, that is called scanning. Scanning is dependent on skimming.

#2- Read all the instructions Carefully: IELTS Reading Tips

As you know, the IELTS reading marking criteria is extremely strict. Your examiner does not ignore your single mistake. Many of the Intelligent IELTS students lose their marks just because of ignorance and unawareness to read the information carefully. Ignoring this can affect your IELTS band score brutally. You can say, this is one of the important and unignorable IELTS reading tips. For example, These instructions state that “Write in two words / or a number”. This means that:-

  • One word
  • A single word and a Number
  • Two words or Double words
  • A number & 2 words

IELTS Reading Tips:- As I said to you, Reading is known as a tough test because of these types of mistakes. If the information shows that you have to write in One word that means one word. For example, you found the answer is “A bowl” But it says to write in one word. So your answer should be “Bowl” Only. Be aware at the time of writing this type of answer. Otherwise, the examiner will consider it as a wrong answer and cut your band score.

If the information shows that write the answer in two words only and you searched the answer is “Simple and Sober”. Don’t be confused about this. These are three words. Write only “simple, sober”. If you write simple and sober, these are three words and it considers wrong. use comma to cut out the extra word like and, or.

“How to write the number in IELTS reading” at the time of writing the number. Keep in mind that, write in digits. Writing in alphabets is not wrong but it is time-consuming. see, 32 and thirty-two. Both are correct. Number in the form of English alphabets consider as one number instead of two words. So don’t worry about it.

#3- Improve Your Reading Skills : Ignore IELTS Criteria for a Minute

The IELTS reading test is like a casual reading. Don’t make it an exam. Take it the same as a novel and magazine. You should work on your general reading skills by adding novels, interesting magazines, storybooks, to your daily routine. learning the criteria of the question, techniques to find the answers are also important in terms of the IELTS test. But, if we work on our reading skills then it positively affects our score.

Let’s suppose 3 or 4 months are left for your exam. It means you have a good opportunity to build up your reading skills like a professional. you should start reading daily 2 to 3 times. You can read anything that you want and find it amazing and less boring. It seems boring but it will help you to understand the Reading paragraphs effortlessly.

#4- Reading Test is orignally a Vocabulary test

You can say that the IELTS reading test is the same as a vocabulary test because these paragraphs are filled with hundreds of new words. It can be over confusing sometimes. But it is not impossible to prepare with. By working on your vocabulary skills can help you to stand out from the crowd. But there is a small confusion in this. What is the perfect procedure to learn vocabulary?

Every type of word is related to a specific field like Trees are related to gardening and environment. So to grow your vocab skills. Just make a list of all the fields such as sports, television, entertainment, education, etc. after that, start to learn the vocabulary and write down under the related headings like cricket in sports. It will be an easy and interesting way of learning the relevant vocabulary. Although it is important, you can not ignore this because you are going to face complex words in the Reading test and it could be difficult for you to understand the sentences. So, you should start learning today.

#5- Don’t Overthing about Correct or Incorrect Answer

During the IELTS test, most of the students have doubts about their already-written answers. When you have found out the answer, sometimes students confuse. You are not 100% sure about that answer is right or wrong but you wrote that on your answer sheet as a right answer. If you rub that try to find another correct one. Then it is time waste. Reading is the only test in their time is important. You need to save every minute on yours. Rubbing and searching again can harm your band score.

#6- Manage Time Properly: IELTS Reading Tips

Many times, Students hustle up to manage their time. IELTS Reading test is of 1 hour but they waste all their time reading the paragraphs and remembering vocabulary. All the students should practice managing the time I think. In IELTS, speed matters. If you are working like the speed of light with perfectness then it is easy to get 8 or 9 bands in IELTS reading. The reading test is considered the toughest test in IELTS. Do you know why, because it is the only test which needs your more thinking power and your eyes should be on your exam continuously for an hour? sometimes, students feel headaches because of lots of confusion in finding the answers. that is because of the bad time management skills. They should move step-by-step. Let me show you the exact method to get 9 bands in the reading test by managing the time:-

  • at very first, read the instructions carefully in 1 minute.
  • spend 5 minutes to read the paragraphs and get an overview.
  • You should spend 40 seconds on each question. ( pro-tip )
  • recheck and transfer the answers in the answer sheet.

#7- Forgot Anything You already Learn about that Topic

I am sure that you have joined the coaching institute to prepare for the IELTS exam. There are many IELTS reading test which you have done at the time of practicing and some of those are in your mind. It is a common human behavior that some students try to learn the answers to the reading test. for example, Let’s suppose your teacher comes into your class and told you that complete this reading practice test with an open mind and full concentration because there is a high chance to come to this test in your exam. But this will not happen. believe me, if you try to learn the answers and MCQs then you are doing a big mistake. Just forget all the previous tests and work which you have done before. Try to improve your reading skills and other things related to the IELTS reading exam which will help you to crack the exam. 

#8- Regular Practice: Important IELTS reading Tips

Are you busy with something and facing some problems in maintaining a practice schedule? if yes then 7 bands in IELTS reading could be a tough task for you. if you have set the goal of 7 or more bands in the reading test then you must have practice a lot. this is the only test that needs 2 to 3 hours of practice every day. which means 2 or 3 IELTS reading practice tests each day. Practice makes a man perfect. The more you practice more you achieve.

#9- Be carefull at the time of Transferring the answers to answersheet

Don’t take the reading test lightly. You are reading this article of IELTS reading tips only because of your benefit but I am your teacher and you will have to do which I will say. transfer your answers on the answer sheet with extra focus. Many extremely intelligent students lose 1 or 2 bands just because of spelling mistakes and poor readability. at the time of transferring the answers, use a pencil. it is the recommendable thing by the IELTS officials. it will be easy for you to erase the wrong answer or any wrong spelled word. keep calm your mind and save at least 4 to 5 minutes to transfer the answers. Okay.

#10- Underline the Related Lines with Questions

IELTS Reading Tips:- Have you forgotten the line which you had read 2 minutes ago? if yes then underline that. It is one of the simplest but important IELTS reading tips. at the time of reading the section 1 paragraphs, read those line which relates to the question. by doing this, it will be simple for you to find that line. it will save you time to read the whole paragraph again and again. sometimes reading a second time causes irritation and it affects the future sections of IELTS reading. (Underline all the lines which you think are important.)

#11- Learn More & More Synonyms: IELTS Reading Tips

IELTS Reading Tips:- whether you have learned thousands of words to improve your vocabulary. But do you know their twins or synonyms? According to the last survey of IELTS students, 79% of the students do not like to learn synonyms. Because they think they are not beneficial. But the IELTS reading test is the only test that can put you in a problem only because of synonyms. some of the words are so complex and tough to understand. in the reading test, multiple lines are specially written to confuse you. 2 words with the same meaning. it is my advice to you to learn the synonyms to improve your IELTS reading.

#12- Develope Your Reading speed: IELTS Reading Tips

Speed is the most essential factor in IELTS reading. Some students complete their test in 45 minutes or some are failed to manage the time. 1 hour is less for many. but keep remembering, the IELTS reading test is designed to get the analysis of your reading capability. So if they make this test easy and give you 2 or 3 hours to complete then who says this a test. exams are tough that is why they are exams. Grind yourself by practicing more and more to get the speed of light. you could read novels and English newspapers to know your level. this IELTS reading test is just like a novel or any story. So boom up your speed now.

#13- Learn Contradictory Words: IELTS Reading Tips

Best IELTS Reading Tips:- What is the meaning of contradiction? However, perhaps are those words which push you into a big confusion. sometimes, the author says something which he does not want to say and correct himself by using contradictory words. For example, yeah I will kill him but after the death of his father. In this line, the author does not know that when his father will die and when he will kill him. what is the time to do murder. So, the chances become 50% to kills only because of the But. if you have learned all the contradictory words with their meaning then it is good.

#14- Develope Your Skills With each type of Question

The name of this article is IELTS reading tips and it is not wrong to say that it is written only because of this tip. Most of the IELTS students love to do easy things. It is natural human behavior. which questions you find easy, you will spend your time on those. Am I right? IELTS reading test has 6 to 7 types of questions. Some feel comfortable with MCQs and some find true/false difficult. Don’t skip any of the types in the reading test. because a single answer can harm you with a 1 band or half band score. Practice with every type of question. Make yourself perfect as hell in all types of questions.

#15- Focus on Keywords: IELTS reading tips

I am not discussing the keywords which you find on google to rank your blog post. those are different. Most of the IELTS reading tests are based on keyword criteria. Every question you read has a common keyword in paragraphs. whether it is true false or MCQs or anything. Mark those keywords which relate to the questions. they can be answers.

Bonus IELTS reading tips

16. Practice with the tough reading practice tests

this point is related to the 14th one and it is in the list of golden IELTS reading tips. IELTS reading test has levels. beginner, medium, and advanced. what you will do if you say to choose a level for you. I am 100% sure, you will choose beginner or easy level. all of the IELTS students made this mistake at the beginning. because their tutors don’t want them to quit their coaching centers in a month. They say you to star the easy one. But it is wrong and time-wasting. Touch the toughest one on your first day. From time to time, you will be familiar to deal with the tough IELTS reading tests. easy one will become a piece of cake for you. there is a high chance to come easy test in your test and you can get 9 bands.

17. Attempt every questions in IELTS reading test

Don’t skip a single question. it is good to attempt all the questions instead of quitting. something is better than nothing. if you have failed to find the correct answers and all the hopes are ended to copy from your friend or anything. Then write the related word that you think can be right. Don’t skip a single question in any situation.

It is the end of IELTS reading tips, promise me to do all the thing which i said in this blog.

Conclusion: IELTS Reading Tips For 2021

After discussing up all the IELTS reading tips, I hope that you will do work hard and apply these reading tips in your exam. I make you sure if you implement all of these then you will get 8 or more band scores. because I have prepared this blog post with my 6 years of experience.

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