IELTS Band Score Criteria: Genuine Guide to Calculate easily 2021?

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How To Calculate IELTS Bands Score And What Is The Exact IELTS Band Score Criteria In 2021 That Can Help Me To Analyze My Score.

Hey I Am Shubham Jindal And I Am A Blogger And SEO Analyst + IELTS Tutor. But A Part Time IELTS Tutor. In This Blog Post I Am Going To Tell You “How To Prepare For IELTS At Home Without Any Specific Coaching.”

 IELTS Band Score Criteria:- In This Article, I Am Going To Demonstrate The Band Score Criteria For Each Module. This Will Help You To Understand Your Score And You Will Know How To Calculate The IELTS Score.  This Band Score Blog Post Will Help You In IELTS Preparation.

How Are IELTS Band Scores Calculated?

Each Module Of IELTS Has A Score Between 0 To 9 Bands. You Will Also Get A Score In Points. For Example, 5.5, 6.5, 7.5,Etc. Your IELTS Score Will Be Counted Based On The Overall Score To Include All The Bands Of Listening, Reading, Writing, Speaking. 


As You Can See On The IELTS Website, Your Overall IELTS Test Result Is Calculated According To The Nearest 0.5 Scores Or The Nearest Your Whole Band Score. In Simple Words. If Your Score Is Not Near 7.5 Then, Your IELTS Score Is Pushed To 8 Based On Your Whole Score. Let’s Understand With The Examples:- 

  1. If Your Overall IELTS Score Is 7.1 Then Your Final Score Will Change To 7 Because It Is Closer To The 7. But If Your Score Is 7.8 Then It Will Be Changed To 8, Because It Is The Nearest To 8. 
  2. If Your Total Score Is 7.75 Then In The IELTS Your Score Is Pushed Up To 8. I Know This Is Closer To 7.5 Also. But IELTS Is Based On The Growth Strategy. 
  3. The Conclusion Is That Your Score Depends On The 0.5 Play. 

IELTS Band Score Descriptors

Band ScoreEnglish LevelQualityKey-Point
9EXPERT USER OF ENGLISHExtraordinary Command In English Language And Highly Understanding + Fluent + Accurate.Accuracy 100% + 100% Understanding
8Very Good user of englishComplete Command In English But Made Some Rare Errors At The Time Of Complex Situations. Otherwise Best.Rare Errors + Handle Complex Language With Perfection
7Good user of englishGood Command In English But Sometimes Confuse In Some Situations Or Create Misunderstandings. Argumentation Is Well Enough.10% Errors In Most Of The Complex Situations
6Competent userCan Handle English Language Effectively. But Made Big Errors And Mistakes In Tough Words And Complex Sentences.Some Errors + Tough To Handle Complex Situations
5Modest UserNormal English User With Big Mistakes. Not Good For Complex Situations And Tough PronunciationMost Often Errors + Face Difficulties In Tough Sentences

IELTS Listening Band Scores

Correct AnswerBand Score

IELTS Reading Score (Academic)

In The IELTS Reading, There Will Be 2 Types Of IELTS (GT And AC). General IELTS Reading Test And Academic IELTS Reading.

Correct AnswerBand Score

IELTS Band Score (General IELTS)

Correct AnswersBand Score

IELTS Writing Test Assessment Criteria In 2021

IELTS Writing Exam Criteria Are A Little Bit Different. Both Implement The Same 4 Steps Criteria To Analyze The Marks Of Your Writing Test.

Task Achievement For Writing Task 1

In Writing Task 1, You Will Have To Represent Accurate Information By Providing The Best Overview By Highlighting The Key Features Which Are Supporting The Details Of The Given Data.

Task Response For Writing Task 2 

Task 2 Is Divided Into 4 Parts. Introduction, BP1, BP2, And Conclusion. You Will Have To Address Task 2 And Paraphrase The Details In The Intro Part. Giving Relevant Primary Points Which Are Supporting And Developed As Per The Information. Give Your Opinion In A Clear Position. Lastly, Provide The Conclusion, To Sum Up, The Details.

Lexical Resources: IELTS Band Score Criteria

Use A Range Of Words, It Means Do Not Repeat Words. Using Collocations. Write Correct Spellings And Do Not Make Small Errors. It Will Affect Your Lexical Resources.

Coherence And Cohesion: IELTS Band Score Criteria

Organize The Information And Your Ideas Into A Paragraph. Use Each Idea Per Paragraph. Use Maximum Linking Words And Devices

Grammatical Range & Accuracy

Use A Range Of Complex Sentences With Vocabulary. More Sentence Structure Means More Bands. Punctuation And Avoiding Errors.

IELTS Speaking Interview Marking Criteria

As You Know The IELTS Interview Is A Face-To-Face Conversation With The Examiner. Your Examiner Will Record Your Voice For The Further Marking Of Your Speaking. Based On That Recording, He/She Will Judge Your Speaking Skills. IELTS Speaking Marking Criteria Is Divided Into 4 Sub-Parts.

  • Fluency
  • Grammatical Range And Accuracy
  • Lexical Resources
  • Pronunciation

Fluency: IELTS Band Score Criteria

It Is The Most Important Factor And It Should Not Be Slowed Down And Interrupted. If You Are Speaking Something Then Your Voice Flow Should Be Consistent. Talking Without Pauses And Hesitation. Self-Correction Is Not Allowable. Able To Understand And Use Linking Words.

Grammatical Range & Accuracy

It Is The Same As Other Modules. Use Multiple Types Of Sentences And A Range Of Structures With Full Understanding. Avoid Errors.

Lexical Resource: IELTS Band Score Criteria

Use Less Common Vocabulary And Types Of Sentence Structure In Your Speaking. Use A Range Of Grammar Tenses In Speaking. Avoid Unwanted Errors.


Your Speaking Will Be Not Valuable If You Are Not Pronouncing The Words Properly. Your Words Should Be Able To Be Understood And The Sound Should Be Stable. The Accent Does Not Affect Understanding.

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