How to Write Task 2 Main Body Paragraph Like IELTS Expert

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How To Write Task 2 Main Body Paragraph Like IELTS Expert

Hey Students, 

Are you facing problems writing body paragraphs? If yes then this is going to be useful for you. In this blog post, I am going to show you the perfect way to write task 2 main body paragraph structure. 

Most of the IELTS students follow the same basic structure to write task 2 main body paragraph. But we will know how to make that structure attractive and achievable for 9 bands. 

Your 60% of the IELTS essay depends upon the Body paragraphs and it is ultra mandatory to write them. 

These 5 strategies make the body paragraphs good and forces the examiner to give you more bands in the IELTS writing test. So, let’s start from the beginning. 

Structure of IELTS writing task 2 main body paragraphs

  1. Write the topic sentence to represent the task 
  2. Explain that and develop 
  3. Give a relevant example

These 3 are the main points to write a perfect body paragraph that you need to follow. Let me explain with an example. 

Question:- Most of the new smart schools have introduced a foreign language as a part of the curriculum. People think foreign language instruction should begin in kindergarten. Discuss this and give relevant examples. 

We will directly start from the Body paragraphs because we have already studied the introduction of task 2. If you want to know “how to write the introduction of IELTS writing task 2” then visit this link. 

Example of a good Body paragraph to know the structure

Individually learning a foreign language in formative years enables children to develop their brains. At this age, children have limitless capacities. Because they have fewer biases against learning different subjects. They can easily learn multiple languages without any confusion. It would only serve to expand, explore and enhance their personality. Even parents do not oppose this. For example, a 2017 study from the authority of the American education system reveals that the Number of Parents has increased by 87% who are forcing the teachers to teach foreign languages to their children because it will be helpful in their personal & professional life.

  • The purple line is for Topic Sentence
  • The blue line is for Explanation of the topic sentence
  • Read line if for Relevant example

What does the examiner want in task 2 main body paragraphs?

Although, the examiner’s expectations vary according to the bands. But here we are targeting 7 or 8 bands so we only focus on those requirements which can help you to achieve this score. Let me show you the requirements step by step.

  1. Attempt all the parts of IELTS writing task 2. 
  2. Make a proper topic sentence with related vocabulary words. 
  3. Explain the topic sentence in an understanding manner. 
  4. Give relevant examples which are linked to topic sentences. 
  • It is mandatory to attempt all the parts of IELTS writing task 2. There is no doubt about this.
  • After that, we need to know other things like a topic sentence. The topic sentence is an argument in the beginning.
  • Explain that argument with supporting ideas or reasons very clearly.
  • Complete your body paragraph with a relevant example.

Important words to start task 2 main body paragraph 1

To start the BP1, you should use these words to represent the topic sentence. These words are recommended by the official IELTS experts.

  • first of all
  • To break the ice
  • In the beginning
  • firstly
  • I believe that

Important Words To Start Task 2 Main Body Paragraph 2

  • On the other hand
  • Moreover
  • secondly
  • finally
  • furthermore
  • additionally
  • however

How to write a topic sentence for task 2 main body paragraph

What is a topic sentence? A topic sentence is a sentence that relates directly to the question and which shows that, which side you prefer. We should understand with an example. 

Question:- some people like to do only what they already do well. Other people prefer to try new things and take risks. What do you prefer? Use specific reasons and examples to support your choice.  

Answer:- First of all, those people who want to succeed must constantly improve their knowledge and gain more experiences by doing things. But it is not possible to gain some extra knowledge by doing the same things all the time. I prefer those people who love to take risks and who do not worry about ups and downs. Because getting success is not a piece of cake. Taking new adventures and experiences by learning tough and new things can develop your ability to work and make you more creative. For example, I am a personality trainer and I am in the habit of learning and exploring new things. I am self-developing in personality, improving my skills. My students love my walking style and clothing style. Most interesting thing is that I wear traditional dresses in my daily routine and someone recommended I try them. 

The purple line is all about the topic sentence. As you can see, I design task 2 main body paragraph and write a topic sentence more coherently and clearly. It is clear by the lines of what I want to say and what it is about. This is connected to the question. 

How to explain the topic sentence in task 2 main body paragraph

Give a good explanation of the topic sentence is the second part to write the body paragraph. Describing the topic sentence is the problem for most of the IELTS students and especially for beginners. Sometimes, giving reasons is not enough. You have to give relevant reasons for the topic sentence and that should be support ideas. I think i should explain you with an example:-

Question:- Nowadays, education overseas has become more accessible and growing number of people send their offspring to study in other countries. However, this trend has its detactors. Discuss.

read this writing task 2 question and try to generate the Body paragraph 1. Firstly we should think about the benefits to go abroad and what should be the reasons to migrate there?

Reasons to go other countries for education for personal & professional perspective

  • Children become independent and self-dependent
  • Can work part time to understand the importance of work and money management
  • they can come to know about different cultures and tradition
  • Develope the ways of thinking
  • Become open minded, tolerate, etc.
  • Be more adaptable indvidual for the society
  • Overseas education can help to get a decent job
  • Can be fluent in a second language

These are the supporting ideas which will help you to make the fully explained topic sentence. I will write a full body paragraphs with the help of these ideas but before that, i need to explain you to make a relevant example. after that we will do this. let’s go for the process to develope an example with 100% relevancy.

How to write supporting examples in task 2 main body paragraph

Giving a relevant examples is essential to make your task 2 main body paragraph stronger and impressive. some of the students are not so prepared to give an example because they want to write a real information. But i do not recommend this. It is quite common to not be able to write that information in example which happened before. I always say that, IELTS test is not a knowledge test.

You can make a reelevant example by yourself. But before understanding this. I need to show you what type of stuff do you need to make a good supporting example.

  • Specific date, year or time
  • Good vocabulary words
  • based on research and report
  • Write a name of any place

These 4 things are extremely important to convience the examiner that this example is right. But 5th things which i do not mentioned that is example should be supportive and relevant. Let’s learn this with 2 examples of Task 2 Main Body Paragraph.

  1. Bad example:- it can be seen that most of the international students own their houses and cars after migrating UK or Canada and they.
  2. Good example:- According to the research of Pennsynvania University, 34% of international students are working in MNC’s as CEO’s and managers in the USA. Initially they are came here as students but now they have white collar job and they are managing multi-million dollars.

As you can see, first example is rough and not contain relevant information. But in the second one, all the things are mentioned which i have told you the date, the place and time and it is based on the report by the university.

So, now its time to write a full body paragraph as i told you before. Let’s do this.

Structure of Task 2 main body paragraph sample answer

Question:- Nowadays, education overseas has become more accessible and growing number of people send their offspring to study in other countries. However, this trend has its detactors. Discuss.

Now, we are going to write a task 2 main body paragraph as an example to explain you in a better way. Actually it becomes important for beginners to remind the whole thing again.

We will do this step-by-step for understanding Task 2 Main Body Paragraph:-

  • Write the topic sentence
  • Explain the topic sentence with supporting ideas
  • Give a relevant example

From a personal and professional perspective, it is the best decision to migrate to developed countries for their studies. Because children can become independent and self-dependent. Ofter they have to work part-time to make ends meet and this makes them learn the importance of work and money management. Another important factor is that they can get a decent job and develop their work efficiencies. As a result, They become more open-minded, adaptable, and tolerant. Furthermore, living in a foreign country may lead to learning a second language that helps them to get recruited with a global outlook. For example, according to the report of oxford university, 59% of the international students are working in NASA of which 36% are Indians. This becomes possible because they choose to study in Our university by living their nation. 

Important words to begin the explanation of ideas

  • That’s it to say…. (linking)
  • In simpler words… (linking)
  • This is because of… (giving reasons)
  • Another important factor is… (For representing Primary reasons)
  • The main reason is…. (giving reasons)
  • As a result…. (describing result)
  • As a primary consequence…. (describing result)
  • Therefore…. (describing result)

Conclusion: Task 2 Main Body Paragraph

I do not need to tell you the importance of Task 2 Main Body Paragraph. This is just like the brain in your body. Your all ideas, example generation skills, topic sentence making skills is going to be show here. So, to understand it completely, just read this.

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