Talk About an Unfamiliar Topic: 5 Simple Tips & Strategies

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Introduction to Talk About An Unfamiliar Topic

Hello Students, 

I came here with the most discussed doubt of IELTS students, which is How To Talk About An Unfamiliar Topic in the IELTS speaking test? It is quite common among students to worry about speaking on those topics which they did not prepare at all. 

I was even worried about this when I was preparing for my IELTS speaking part 2 topics. My mentor said to me that you should not take tension because they did not give you a different topic. They only give you that topic on which you can easily speak. But yeah, I was not ready to accept that. 

Today, we will discuss the most important factors which can help you to prepare to speak for those IELTS speaking topics which are completely different and the preparation process for those. But before that, you will have to remember these points:- 

Tips & Strategies to Talk About An Unfamiliar Topic

1. IELTS Speaking is not a lie detector test

Do not think this is a test to detect you are speaking a lie or truth. If you get a topic which you do not know about then you can speak a lie comfortably. They are sitting to check the level of your English language. Some of the students go there with the mentality of not speaking anything wrong. they think that they are speaking the wrong way and this represents their bad thinking. According to the IELTS officials, they do not bother with your thinking and they ignore what you are saying. They just notice the grammar, vocabulary, sentence structure, and other things.

2. Inform The Examiner about the Less Information

It is good to inform the examiner about your knowledge. If the examiner gives you some interesting but unknown topic then you should inform them that I did not have enough knowledge about this topic and I have not experienced this type of situation in my life but I will try to speak yeah. You can say this type of thing to your teacher. This helps you to show you that, if you make some mistake then he will not react so much. It also helps to decrease the burden on you. Sometimes, the examiner will judge you very lightly and if you speak more than expectations then you can get more bands in IELTS speaking part 2.

3. Improve your Skill to create a story immediately

Every student has a different type of mind power. Some of the IELTS students get more band scores because they are capable of thinking immediately and creating their own real stories. It becomes necessary when you have to speak on an unfamiliar topic. If you have learned that topic and experienced that then this is best but in the opposite situation, this type of minded person can change the situation.

For example, your examiner asked you to speak about your favorite actor from the Chinese film industry but you have learned Hollywood and Bollywood because these are famous instead of Chinese. This becomes the toughest situation. Then you can speak any famous name like Jackey Chan and make your own story to portrait.

4. Don’t be nervous & Stressful: Talk About An Unfamiliar Topic

Normal human behavior is to be nervous in these types of stressful situations. It is not your fault. But in the IELTS exam, you should already have to be prepared and have to build your confidence. This nervousness can negatively affect you or can harm your band score badly.

You can apply the most popular formula to avoid the nervousness that I personally used at the time of the speaking test. It is the best way to show that you are not nervous and feel extremely comfortable. Your examiner could not catch your shyness if you smiled during the whole speaking test. Do not laugh, just smile.

5. Try to make an eye contact : Talk About An Unfamiliar Topic

Do you know that making eye contact can heal your speaking power? It shows that you are very confident and ready to speak more in any situation. It helps the examiner to listen to you carefully. Eye contact will force him to avoid the unnecessary vehicle sounds and fan sounds. He can concentrate on you fully.

Conclusion: Talk About An Unfamiliar Topic

After telling you all the ways, I just want to tell all the IELTS students that the IELTS speaking test is only an English checking test. you are giving this test to migrate to English speaking country. you can say that this a formal test but not a hardcore exam. you will not be punished. you have to try to give your best.

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