How To Migrate To Canada From India: Easy Ways for 2021

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I came back with an amazing topic. Thosands of students or people have dreamed to migrate to canada and live their. But some of them reach to that level.

India is one of the most important source for canada of new immigrants and workers. There are multiple choices to apply and migrate to canada. But you need to study before which is the best option.

In this pandemic, india is the only coutry in the world who sends mllions of students to migrate to canada as permanent residents. In the month of june 2020, 1.1 millions students get their PR in canada and became the citizen of canada.

It is good to hear that, hundreds of opportunities rise their for indian students or people because canada needs more people during this pandemic and they are suffering lack of people.

if i talk about the graphs or statics i need to show you some Important data of last year 2020. Just look at it.


The immigrants of india nearly doubled as compare to the may and june. If i talk about the year by year changing than these are really shocking. In 2015, nearly 40000 people go to canada from india but till 2019 the number is increased by 45000+.

India is on the No.1 place who send more than enough students to canada every year. If i talk about the top 3 countries than china is on 2 and phillipins is on 3.

After showing this the basic information we need to discuss about some important stuff. Just look at the table of contents for migrate to canada.

What is the canadian immigration program?

Thousands of immigrants apply for canada every year but some of them selected by the canadian goverment. It is because the authority of canada is extremely strict when it comes to the immigrants coming to canada. Every international person or students must complete or touch their criterias before getting approved by them. They don’s take 1% of risk because it is all about the international security.

If i discuss this in the la’s language of data. Let’s suppose 1000 people applied for canada but in really 40 to 60 students can be approved. unfortunately, the applications of deserving students is disapproved by the government.

There are more than 80 immingration programms hold by the government of canada in which there are permanent and temporary immigration choices.

If you get the permanent resident their then you have access all the government facilites and other perks which is provided by the authority of canada.

Categories under Permanent visa

I have shown you the 6 immigration program categories but for these you need to fulfill some immigration practices or criterias. Without completing them, it is nearly impossible to go to canada for work or study. let me show you in steps.

  1. Every country has their own rules and regulations. same as this, it is the canadian’s government duty to check your eligibility. You must be eligible to go to canada. You have to give them all the information that they want such as identity proofs, your living details, financial criterias, etc.
  2. Paper work is the essential factor to move to another country for any reason. So, you need to show the copies of all the documents which are mandatory at the time of moving their. there are many types of documents include such as educational documents, matrimonial status, ID’s, etc.
  3. After that, it is your duty to build an impressive profile in Express entry tool. In which you need to fulfill all the necessary information and data which they ask. Now, you have to sumit that profile on the platform of express entry pool.
  4. You work is complete now, you just have to wait for the approval of that application of invitation. If you get approved than you can apply for the real process. This long process is only to know about the invitation.

Now we will discuss these categories under immigration deeply. But here we will discuss only 3 which are the most preferred and used immingration system to migrate to canada.

1. Fedral Skilled worker : Migrate to canada

The meaning is clear by its name. it stands for FSW programm. it is the most preferred programm by the immigrants who want to migrate their for work. It is specially for those people who want to live their and work professionally.

Nearly 15000 immigrants move there every year through this fedral skilled worker program. if you want to start you own business or want to do job under any company then you have to applu under the FSW programm. But for this you need to fulfill the criterias and requirments which consider under this programm.

2. Provincial Nominie program to migrate to canada

It is the most preffered program by some people of canada. Under this program, the permanent resident of canada can select the immigrant to come their be permanent. whether he or she can his relative or anyother but he also have to complete the elegibility requirments.

3. Canadian Experience Class to migrate to canada

This type of program is based on the experience of worker or employe. in this programm, skilled workers show change their temporary resident into the permanent resident by showing their skill information and for how much time they served the country to help the society and economy. it is compusory to spend minimum 1 year in canada as a worker or businessman.

What Are The Reasons To Go To Canada?

i am going to discuss the Thrilling Reasons to Migrate to canada for 2021.

1. Excellent education system

As you know education is the base of every development and this is one of the most important factor in terms of migration. more than 2 million people migrate to canada every year only because of their best academic support and education system.

Whether you are thinking to pursue your graduation or post graduation by migrate to canada, you have many choice to select and thousands of world famous universities and colleges there to start your carrer. you can select IT, engineering, health care and medical courses, accounting diplomas, advocate degree and management courses that are acceptable in all over the world.

2. Earning meanwhile learning

Most of the students migrate to canada because you can earn during learning or college studies. their study schedule is so manageable and comfortable. You can do late night shifts and day shifts for earning good money. Even indian students go their for earning and studying at the same time. you can earn good amount of money as well. but you need to manage the time and select the course according to your interest. For example, if someone is pursuing their hotel management course and at the same time he is doing job in a hotel as a waiter or chef. It is a good idea.

3. Focus on practical skills developement

Practical skills are the best way to learn from mind. It is not same as to learn thoery and read the text all the time. Foriegn education system is all about practical knowledge. They focus to understand the concept and implement that in real life. it can help the students to react on the topic very fast and furious. In some coutries, the student intelligence is analyze on the basis on marks and degree’s. But that is not a perfect way to measure the knowledge of a student. A practical exam and the perfect understanding of the topic can do this. This is the biggest reason to migrate to canada.

4. Busy and Luxrious lifestyle

Migrate to canada can be a best desicion because their lifestyle is up to the level. It is truth that all the people being busy in their work and canada is a developed country. The GDP of canada is in Top 10 list in the world. So, we can’t take it lightly. Students migrate to canada with the dream to live a dream life with foreigners.

Conclusion: Migrate to canada

All the people have their particular reason to migrate to canada like some are migrate for studies, some for money and earning and all. But i want to recommend those students who are migrating. Just be habitual to do more hardwork with less sleep. Live their with the rules and regulations and don’t harm any of the foreign person. This can harm the respect of that country who is wrong.

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