How to introduce yourself To Impress the Examiner?

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Introducing yourself is the Key to impressing anyone. Saying Hello and speaking your name is not good. Well, that is why you are here to search for the best way to introduce yourself.

Sometimes when we go for a job interview or any educational interview, we just portray our name and some work experience in a boring way about unfamiliar topic & think it will be good and the interviewer must be impressed by me.

Has it happened? No-Never. To leave your unbreakable impression on someone, you need to know some introduction techniques and implement them. Most people want to know “how to introduce yourself professionally” But here I will teach you professionally, personally, and socially. All the things I will clear in this Guide.

In this article, I am going to show you how to give a self-introduction in a better way that everyone wants to hear.

A Quick Guide To Introduce Yourself In a proper way

Before starting this amazing guide to introduce yourself professionally or in multiple situations. I would like to tell you something about the preparation of giving a good introduction.

You need to remember that, our speaking skills are on the other side but we also have to be in good formal clothes and our posture and gesture should be maintained at the time of giving the introduction speech.

There are hundreds of situations where you could have to introduce yourself in different ways. But, are you prepared for this or not? If not, then don’t worry. I came here to clear all the doubts.

So, without wasting any time, start to penetrate this guide “How to give self-introduction

What is an introduction and Why is it important?

So, what is an introduction? The introduction is the first most part to start the conversation with an unknown person, professional, or with anyone. To put a good and impressive impact on someone, we use to give the best introduction. any time you have to be prepared to introduce yourself.

The general length of the introduction should be 10% of the total speech. Let’s suppose if the topic is going to be 1 hour long then the intro should be 5 to 7 minutes. Actually, it depends upon what type of activity is going to be.

The introduction is extremely important. Let me tell you why. With the help of the introduction, you can represent yourself as a speaker. I think i should explain the importance of introduction in points:-

  • Gain Listeners attention
  • Represent the purpose of your speech
  • Give a reason to listen to you
  • Force credibility
  • Touch main ideas

Do’s and Don’ts on Which you have to focus in professional introduction

How to introduce yourself professionally?

1. Maintain the relevancy in your introduction

Go with the flow but be in touch with your profession. Let’s suppose you are going to a meeting where you will discuss blogging or any business. So, if you say there that you are a chef then this is totally different. You should say that you are a business advisor or I am a business-minded person.

2. Show a problem-solving nature

Everyone in this world wants a problem-solving person. So those listeners will wait for you to know what you are contributing to this speech. In Many types of situations, you must have to be a problem solver.

3. Don’t Go with the Job Title

93% of the officials represent them with the title of the job. If someone is a blogger then he will tell you that he is a blogger. But this is the wrong way to talk about your profession. Don’t tell only the title. Tell them what it is about. In the case of a blogger, you should say that you are a content writer and Website Manager or Founder of It will be great, guys.

4. Prepare to avoid confusion

The same introduction of yourself can be irritating or not fit. You may be a football player but think how you feel if you are playing a football match in a cricket stadium. lol uh. So every situation is different and you must prepare for any type of introduction. For example, if you are going to meet with your unknown cushions and relatives. So, you must tell them about your interests and family members + a little bit about work. This sounds good. I will show you some examples at last.

5. Be mindful and cultural

Go and watch around the place where you are going to stand. It is so important. Sometimes introducing yourself is not enough. If you are representing your country or city in an international audience then you have to come up with your birth place. You have to attach the feeling of your country and tell them a little bit about traditions and cultures.

6. Be careful and active-minded when you go with the funny ways to introduce

have you a good sense of humor. then good but if not then be careful. Most of the people try to introduce them in funny ways but remember who is taking the interview and what type of person he is.

It’s time to read the examples to clear out some doubts and what the introduction is.

Good & bad example of Introduction

Bad Examples of Introduction

Hello, I am Jack & I am a Blogger. I love to listen to music & read books.

Good Introduction Example

Hello, My name is Jack Jhonson & I am a Blogger. I am the founder of My job is to write Blog posts about Search engine optimization. I also recruit freelancers for my project. You can call me an Online informational Person who is providing exceptional opportunities to the content writers. I love to listen to Motivational Music + reading business books.

As you can see, the bad introduction has not enough information which should be there to represent your business & interests. but a good introductory example has all the necessary stuff. Let’s discuss the points & compare both of them to note down the highlight points:-

  • I am Jack and I look bad. Always use my name Jack Jhonson with the surname. It is good to speak your full name.
  • A business title should not be alone. Remember to explain what type of job you are doing and what your actual work is. Which type of facility are you providing to the people?
  • Don’t say, I love to listen to music. Tell them the type of the songs or music.
  • Books are of many types but if you are a businessman then it looks great to say that you like to read business-related books because it maintains relevancy between your profession and interest.

How to introduce yourself professionally

In the professional introduction, you need to represent your work profession and job only. Do not tell them about your personal interest. It does not feel good. Sometimes at the time of professional meetings between colleagues, people start to talk about their hobbies and family members. Let me tell you the things which you should say in the interview. Example to introduce yourself.

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Hello, My name is Jhony Lever & I am a content writer. I write content for Government websites which are national and international. for example, BBC london, Hindustand times, the tribune, BBC america, Times of India, etc. I have 6 years of experience in content writing.

To introduce yourself for a job interview

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Everyone wants to impress the interviewer and examiner by showing some skills and giving their pro-skills for the interview. Your job possibilities depend on your interview. You just need to define yourself and your skills. The examiner could ask normally “Tell me about yourself”

Your documents and copies of your identities are already on the table in the hand of the interviewer. So, the interviewee sometimes gets confused. He/she thinks, should he speak her name and qualification or not. Because that is already in the documents. Before giving your example of a good introduction for an interview. I would like to write some tips for you. Some of the things you should explain in the interview.

  • Check-in with the silent footsteps (don’t make noise)
  • Try to Give the best answer
  • Name, Work Experience
  • Personal interests (if ask)
  • Research about the company
  • Eye contact
  • Speak with confidence
  • Posture should be good
  • What you can do for their company
  • Don’t give unnecessary information

If you want to know that, >> how to prepare for an Interview <<

I came directly to the fourth point. That is about researching the company. You have to make sure that you did complete research about the company from the last 2 months. Because this makes the examiner or interviewer trust on you that you want to get a job in our company.

Eye contact and confidence are interconnected. It shows how much confidence and determination you have. Do not hesitate to say anything and be mature. Sometimes, professionals stare outside the windows and their concentration goes down to the floor. But don’t do this. Always be smiling with enthusiasm & spirit. Show them respect and integrity.

Posture Means? how you sit and what your hand’s position or body posture is. Don’t roll your arms and tighten them on the chest. It looks like a kid.

Explain to them what you can do for their company and how you can be lucrative for the company. it builds interest and encourages him to accept you.

How to introduce yourself as a School students

Nowadays, School students are hustling to introduce themselves. But their teacher doesn’t tell them the great way. In this section, I will describe the perfect way to introduce yourself in school. Many times, school teachers organize annual functions, special day celebrations or in a class. but all the time, students fail.

Hello, I am Harry potter and I am a student of 10th standard. I love to study english and Maths. My Incharge says that I am the most intelligent, decent and calm student in my class. I want to be a Successful Software engineer in the future as I am a tech savvy minded student. I love to play high tech games in my computer

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