How To Improve Handwriting For IELTS Writing: 9 Simple Steps To Follow

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Hello, Today I am going to touch on the most discussed topic when we were kids. We were so concerned about our handwriting and the teacher slapped us to improve.

Handwriting is like a Copyrighted font that no one can copy. Many type of handwritings has been evolved for past decades but last 3 to 4 years was the most focused years on handwriting. Whenever we try to make a word structure more attractive, our mind feels pain and we find ourselves missing the alphabets and characters and hustling in writing the words properly.

handwriting plays an important role in IELTS writing test and in other modules. It will be great if your handwriting is good and it will be easy for the examiner to understand and can give you good band scores.

It was great when we were kids. In this modern world, writing with the hand has become uncommon because of computers and smartphones. Gadgets take the place of handwriting. But, I think it can not be finished. It puts a different mark on our personality. At the time of writing cards, applications and letters, we used to write by hand. Yeah, sometimes we send emails But not 100%.

But believe me, I personally love to send and receive letters from my loved ones. When I was a kid, I loved to recognize the person by his handwriting. Although, handwriting is the mark which represents intelligence and personality. The structure of the words represents our mind.

In this blogpost, I am going to answer the question “how to improve handwriting”. We will discuss the reasons, tips and tricks to improve handwriting and much more in detail.

How to improve handwriting : 11 Simple tips to improve handwriting

1. Choose a perfect pen

A pen is the most important instrument that can affect your handwriting. Before starting to write any word, just look at your pen and select a better pen. If I talk about my pen, I usually write the stuff with a thin rollerball pen. I want to clear out one thing, that is all about the thin rollerball. It makes your handwriting clearer and sharper. Now, finger grip is also a main point. Is it wide to handle or very small to use? childerns usually use bright gel pens instead of ball pens because they write in a flow.

2. Pick a Perfect Paper to write

After selecting the pen, the second most crucial thing is paper. There are many types of papers in the market but what is the best one for you? I mostly use lined paper with a wide line. Don’t use narrow lined paper. I advise using wide lined paper which helps you to make a perfect structure of words. Some of the students like to write on drawing paper but this can affect your handwriting badly.

if you are habitual to write on lined paper then it is good. But those students who are enhancing their skills to write on a clean unlined or drawing paper then they are going to list their names in the list of bad handwriting students. A lined paper with a fixed horizontal and vertical width is important to write perfectly.

3. Check your posture during writing

In which position you have sat. Which is your best and comfortably prefered position to sit while writing something? body Relaxation plays an important role while writing. You should sit with straight back and uncrossed legs. Just relax your shoulders, arms and hands. It is my personal advice to wipe your hands with towel before writing because sometimes sweat irritates us. You arm should be resting on the table and don’t move your wrist but fingers should be in moving state.

4. practice to write every alphabet

When I was in school, my kindergarten teacher taught me to write each english alphabet by holding my hands and I love that. It is true that we can not change our habit to write those letters which we have learned from our school teacher. But i want to say that, you should practice to make the best looking structure of every alphabet.

english language has 26 alphabets and it takes up to 26 days to practice to change the structure. It will give you the best results at the time of writing competition. It is scientifically proven that we can change our birth habit in 3 months. So why are you waiting for it? Just change the font now.

5. Slow down the writing

Try to write at a slow speed. yeah i know in some situations we need to write very fast such as in exams or any class test because of the lack of time. But don’t do this in a rush. Just try to make a beautiful structure to impress the examiner. if you want to write fast with good handwriting. There is a way to do this. You need to practice for 2 to 3 months. Just give yourself a targeted time and start to write. It will work gradually but definitely.

6. Be a multitasker

It is a pro tip with some extra toughness. make your eye habitual to work with the hand. Look at the page at a time and write immediately on the paper. It improves your flow to write and gives you speed to write fast and smoothly. In simple words, your eyes, hands, fingers and mind should work together.

7. Analyze your handwriting

In this heading I will tell you the process to improve your handwriting by perfect analyzation of handwriting. I would like to show this in steps. Just look at it.

  1. Take 2 pieces of lined papers and write paragraphs on both papers with small and capital letters to analyze.
  2. Mark every letter in which you are facing trouble to write or join the letter.
  3. Circle those letters which look the same like your g looks like y and u looks like y. Sometime it happens.
  4. Try to join every letter to make a word.
  5. Work to improve the structures of the alphabets.
  6. when you have practiced each letter then try to use them in your daily routine.

8. Use google fonts to pick perfect structure

All students have different handwriting. Some like to write straight and flat words but some like cursive writing. All have different choices and tastes. But you can improve your handwriting with the help of technology. It will take time but it will 100% work.

Use google fonts to pick a font for an alphabet and practice that to write on paper. It will totally change the way of your writing. By practicing slowly, you will be habitual to write that word. This is the perfect answer for how to improve handwriting.

9. Start to write a diary

Have you heard about writing a life diary? Some of the girls and college boys love to write diaries where they write their routine and daily activities. It is a great way to improve. Just purchase a good looking diary with plain and smooth pages and start to write. You can say this a proven way to improve your handwriting. 

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