Ideas for IELTS Writing task 2 : Amazing Strategies

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Hey, Are you there buddy? If yes then come here to read this important article on generating Ideas for IELTS writing task 2.

This is one of the main problem for IELTS students to think about the ideas for writing task 2. I also think that this can be a time taking process. Those students who are beginners don’t know how to think out for the best and relevant ideas. But after reading this article. I make you sure you will feel 100% confident that you can think out about any types of ideas related to any keyword.

at the time of exam or IELTS mock test, student start their task but they feel lack of ideas. it also affect their planning process and they face problems to make a plan and Ideas for IELTS writing task 2. they have no words to write on the paper. But how can they overcome from this bloody problem.

5 Common Problems that students face in thinking Ideas

Before moving further to the solutions to get out from the problem of thinking about great ideas. We need to talk about the most common problems. Let’s talk about those irritating problems or thoughts which students face at the time of thinking ideas for IELTS writing task 2.

1. Vast & unknown topics (first world problems)

Sometimes students get stuck with an extremely unknown topic that works as a separator on their thinking. Students feel that this is a knowledge exam and I am pressured to write about that topic. Well, nowadays this does not happen. because now the whole IELTS system is changed. 10 to 15 years ago, the chances were created to come to these types of tasks.

Examiner only wants to know your English level. so that is why they prepared the questions that are well known. For example, in 2009 IELTS gave a question in an exam about history and museums. but students raised their voice against these and now all the IELTS examiners realized that we should only give that topic which is known by maximum students in the whole world. just look at this example to understand it clearly.

In recent years, Most of the museums are managing on conserving their culture by preserving the ancient things in india. Do you think this is a good practice by indian goverment? Give your opinion.

As you can see that this is all about India and Indian authority. But American and other international students around the world have no idea about this particular thing. So idea generation becomes more difficult for them. This is completely different for them. After facing this issue, IELTS officials have stopped giving this type of topic in IELTS writing task 2. Because most of the students face multiple types of issues in thinking of ideas for IELTS writing task 2.

2. Practicing with Bad IELTS questions

Ideas for IELTS writing task 2:- This is just the same as the previous heading. A beginner student does not know what is the best IELTS preparation source for him and he just starts practicing whatever they get on the internet. They don’t know which is good and which is wasting their time.

Bad IELTS questions means some of the fake websites publish the unauthorized task 2 pdfs on their websites to confuse IELTS students. They just do a good SEO and rank their website on google. This is called a bad SEO practice. But I always recommend students to go on official websites to get IELTS stuff. They publish tasks 2 which are related to history or any other thing. This creates problems in idea generation and forces students to think that thinking about ideas in IELTS task 2 is difficult. They did this to change their thinking.

They start practice with those questions which do not even relate to IELTS. They don’t take advice from IELTS experts or their mentors. So I highly recommend IELTS students to visit official websites to get IELTS stuff & know more about ideas. Do not waste your time on these.

3. 87% Students don’t like to give advise: Ideas for IELTS writing task 2

This is the most common problem of IELTS students. Some students don’t have advising nature. In some coutries people are not allowed to represent their opinions. They just folow their teacher’s ideas. this can create massive problems during thinking ideas for IELTS writing task 2.

All of them should watch the debates videos and conversations on the internet to develope the skill of showing their opinions among people. you can organize a conversation class in your school and society to come out this amazing skill.

4. Waste their time in search of Entertaining Ideas

as you know the IELTS exam is organized to check and analyse your english level. But some of the students waste their time to find and think about entertaining and interesting ideas which does not even matter in IELTS writing task 2. They do just for get more bands but this do not help them at all.

But sometimes, in the husteling of seaching some interesting ideas for IELTS writing task 2 make it complicated to understanad. Remeber that, they just need a simple ideas which is easy to understand and explain. Interest does not matter but relevancy does. Rather that finding interest, you should spend your time to find relevant ideas which makes your writing task 2 strong and simple.

Top Notch Solutions to think Ideas for IELTS writing task 2

1. Brainstorming ideas for IELTS writing task 2

What is the meaning of brainstorming? Is it worth digging ideas for IELTS writing task 2? The word brainstorming was founded by an advertising company a few years ago. This can be helpful for IELTS students at the time of writing body paragraphs. You just have to write all the keywords related to the task and note down those on paper. After that, think about the relevant ideas and sub-topics.

Brainstorming means that your mind does hustle by itself in searching for ideas. But according to me this is not 100% suitable for all the students. Because some of the students have extraordinary thinking skills but many of them are not familiar with thinking forcibly. it can be helpful but before that, you need to enhance your brain. It can be a time-waster for many students. Because in the beginning, students waste their maximum time on this stage but you do not have enough time in your IELTS exam. The best advice by me is that you should brainstorm the ideas at the time of practice stages such as at you home or coaching center.

2. Practicing Generating Effective ideas Everyday

The practice time is the best time to make yourself conquer and unbeatable. you have no burden at that time and you have a lot of time to think about ideas for IELTS writing task 2. Instead of thinking generally, you should learn to hustle effectively. Yeah, simple ideas are not bad but effective ones are much better and you can make a relevant example.

In your everyday schedule, be habitual to generate ideas that are so impressive. let me explain you with an amazing example:-

Some people say that listening to music is good for our mood sometimes but others think that it is a waste of time. Give your opinion on this. 

read the above heading and try to think of some ideas. I will show you 2 ideas. one is simple and one is effective. If you agree to listen to music, what should you write?

Simple idea:- Listening to music sometimes heals our brain and affects our mood positively. because when parents scold us very badly. At that time we try to listen to some energetic songs to change our mood.

Effective idea:- Listening to music is a mood changer. When traveling, most teenagers listen to romantic songs by sitting on window’s seat. it seems like you are in a paradise and the whole journey becomes very short and sweet.

look at both ideas, simple ideas do not have a specific reason to listen to songs. But another has. you have represented traveling, your mood and a song to listen to.

3. Read all the Modle essays : Ideas for IELTS writing task 2

Now the beast comes. Every student has a sample book to prepare for the writing task 2 essays. This can be a goldmine of ideas for IELTS writing task 2. read all the answers to task 2 and write the premade ideas in your notebook.

Those model essays on books deserve 8 or 9 band levels. There are multiple resources to find those essays such as official websites. but the Cambridge IELTS authentic practice test is the best source for the model essays to find ideas. After that, you will not need to think of ideas for IELTS writing task 2.

Sometimes, essays from books and the internet come in the main exam. so do not take it lightly. read them with 100% focus and write all the ideas on a paper. you can say this shortcut method to find ideas.

4. Search Ideas on internet : Ideas for IELTS writing task 2

The internet is an already fulfilled bowl for all the things which you need. If your mind does not work then the internet will help you in any situation.

The best way to understand something is to read a blog post. There are thousands of websites where you can find a blog on a similar topic. it becomes easy to understand the question with the help of a blog.

Let me explain to you with an example. read this question below.

Today more and more tourists are traveling to places where conditions are difficult, such as Leh-Ladakh or the Sahara desert. What are the pros and cons for tourists who visit this type of place?

read this question above and analyze what you have to write in the answer. In this IELTS writing task 2 sample question, you have to write Advantages and Disadvantages to visit such places. So 2 body paragraphs you need to write. One is for pros and the other is for cons.

just google the benefits and reasons to visit Ladakh and tough places. Google will show you thousands of links where you will see the pros and some futuristic things about these places. same as this, you can know about the bad things and problems which you will face at these unfit places for visit.

That is why I am recommending you to utilize the internet to learn the ideas. Learning ideas is not bad. Sometimes the same question can come up in the main exam which you have learned from the internet. It is the best learning practice at the time of preparation. it will help you to find the ideas for IELTS writing task 2.

5. Unfold the Question : Ideas for IELTS writing task 2

What is the meaning of unfolding? I just want to say that you need to simplify the question. Some of the questions seem complicated and extremely long to read. Sometimes it becomes difficult to understand the whole question and understand it at a time. It can be confusing for beginners. Just simplify it by applying this technique. I will show you a long and complicated example.

Some people claim that jobs in MNCs are not for fulfilling dreams. They say that the only way to earn good money is to start a business and grow it to a high level. 

To what extent do you agree with this statement. Should students start their own business or not?

If you are on the side of the business then write both the paragraphs for the business benefits. but in the third paragraph, you have to give your opinion. You do not need to write about the cons of the job. You have seen how I simplify that. It is easy. Just half of the statement is usable.

In the opposite case, if you disagree with this. Just write the benefits of the job or go to the job site.

6. read newspapers & watch news

Ideas for IELTS writing task 2:- Are newspapers and tv news helpful to generate ideas for writing task 2? Yeah. All the time you will be updated with new information and you can generate new and upcoming ideas about so many different things and places. According to the IELTS experts, all the writing task 2 now is based on the latest enlightenment and problems.

So, you will feel so enthusiastic when you come to know that you already learned about this task. I think I should explain to you with an example.

Many people think that the Government should spend some money on fitness institutes. But others think that Anyone can work out at home without instruments. Write your opinion.

Just read this. Have you recently read about this in newspapers? Recently in China, authorities have spent millions of dollars on Kung-fu and Fitness in schools and colleges. So you can write this type of information with the relevant example in your ideas for IELTS writing task 2.

7. Catagorise the topics : Ideas for IELTS writing task 2

Ideas for IELTS writing task 2:- Just prepare a notebook with all the categories such as fitness, pollution, government, food, and study, etc. Divide them into subcategories and write the relevant ideas by partitioning them.

At the time of the exam, it will help you to practice in-depth. It will support you to build more Ideas for IELTS writing task 2. You can learn those before the day of the exam. These are the best tips if your exam is tomorrow.

8. use 6 questions method: Ideas for IELTS writing task 2

This is going to be a diamond mine to think about ideas. In simple words, it removes all of your confusion. Every keyword has its 6 questions. Why, when, what, where, who and how.

You can divide that information by using these WH-family words. Just read the information below to understand it.

In some countries, Teenagers are encouraged to travel or work for a year before starting their higher studies. Discuss the pros and cons for young people who decide to do this.

  • Why they should gain work experience
  • Where they should travel to experience life.
  • What are the benefits to skip a year between schools studies and college studies
  • For how much time they should go.

Conclusion: Ideas for IELTS writing task 2

after concluding all the information, i just want to say that generating Ideas for IELTS writing task 2 is the most important section if you want to get 9 bands.

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