Best IELTS Preparation Websites List for 2021 (Top 8)

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Best IELTS Preparation Websites List For 2021 (Top 20) 

Hello dear IELTS students, 

What are the best online sites to prepare for the IELTS :- Do you wanna know the list of Best IELTS preparation websites for 2021. Before knowing the list, let’s discuss something about the IELTS exam and why you will go to a website for IELTS preparation. Online IELTS preparation is the best way to prepare for the IELTS exam. But for this You need proper guidance from a professional who will tell you the top website for IELTS preparation which will help you to get more bands & ease your work. By these websites you will come to know How to prepare for IELTS online without wasting money.

4 Reasons to Prepare for IELTS from the language learning websites

1. Free IELTS Material & Books : Best IELTS Preparation Websites

Some students do not have the IELTS books to prepare. If I talk about 20 years ago, books were the only method to prepare for anything. But in 2021, you have the internet.

 There are thousands of websites which can guide you on the way of cracking the IELTS test in the first attempt. You can find the IELTS books PDF effortlessly from IELTS websites. 

2. Updated information

Nowadays, websites are the only way to know the latest information. Because, all the educational institutes publish the latest enlightenment on their websites instead to tell the students one by one. So, this becomes mandatory to keep updated on websites. 

It will be extremely easy for you to know about the IELTS test dates, IELTS speaking dates and IELTS syllabus change, IELTS band score criteria change, etc. It would be anything that IELTS officials can change at any time. So, it is my personal recommendation for you to stay active on IELTS official websites.  

3. New IELTS Practice Material

IELTS books and updated information is not the only way to crack IELTS. During the practice for IELTS, you will need stuff for practicing. As you know, IELTS has 4 modules and all the Modules have their specific type of practice material. So to overcome this problem, it becomes important to keep your eye on the best IELTS preparation websites. 

4. To clear the Doubts from FAQs

All the students face problems at the time of preparing for the IELTS test. Many types of doubts and questions come to mind. But nobody knows the perfect solution for this. I say this to everyone again and again, if somebody has doubts and they need a pro clearance then go to the FAQs section of the official IELTS websites. Quora, wikipedia and many websites are on the internet. 

List of top 8 Best IELTS preparation websites 

1. IELTS Liz

Best IELTS Preparation Websites

IELTS liz is a personal website of Miss Liz from the United kingdom (UK). She has been managing this website for a couple of years and she has published a lot of useful IELTS material like sample papers, vocabulary tips to improve english, IELTS exam cracking guides and much more. You can not book the IELTS test from here but it is only for the IELTS preparation.

This website has many categories and tips related to all the modules of IELTS. She also has her youtube channel named as IELTS liz where she publishes videos to clear out the doubts regarding IELTS. The biggest reason is to fix her website on No.1 is “you will get the knowledge from her personal experiences and knowledge”.

2. IELTS IDP India : Best IELTS Preparation Websites

 IELTS Preparation Websites

IELTS IDP india is an indian website to prepare for the IELTS exam. It is the official website where you can book the IELTS test. You can say it is a full flash platform to prepare. They have 67 IELTS test centers across india. You can visit the nearest center to know more about them. 

As you can see on the menu, they offer to register for the IELTS test and prepare for the IELTS. By clicking on the IELTS blog button on the top left side of the logo. You can visit their blog section and read the blogs which are written by professionals. 

This is the best website to know about the updated information regarding the IELTS test. This website has IELTS tutorials, practice material and much more to help you. 

3. IELTS Ninja : Best IELTS Preparation Websites

Best IELTS Preparation Websites

IELTS Ninja is not a free website to prepare for. But for sure, they have the best IELTS courses. You just need to pay some money to grab the guides and tutorials. Nearly 1 lakh students got their desired IELTS band score with the help of this website. 

They provide personal training and specially allot teachers for every student. It is an India based website and their office is in Mumbai (India). If anybody is interested in paid IELTS preparation then this is the best option. 

4. IELTS Indicator : Best IELTS Preparation Websites

Best IELTS Preparation Websites

In simple words, this is the most simplified website for IELTS preparation. They have not published hundreds of articles on different topics. They just have their guide to provide you with the information. This is also an official IELTS preparation website where you can book the test from worldwide. 100% ultimate Guide to prepare for IELTS

5. IELTS Mentor : Best IELTS Preparation Websites

Website for IELTS

IELTS mentor is one of the oldest websites to guide IELTS. You will find sample papers, IELTS questions and much more data regarding IELTS examination. It is already a fulfilled website for general training and academic training both. If you want to crack then dig on this website. There will be a lot of stuff which you need to learn. 

6. IELTS Advantage : Best IELTS Preparation Websites

IELTS websites

IELTS advantage is also a personal blogging website to give us the knowledge of the IELTS test. The owner of this website is christopher pell. It is a personal experience based website which he made to guide his IELTS students. 

He publishes IELTS tips and tricks on his blog. It is a world famous website and thousands of people are learning through his knowledge. He also has his youtube channel where he publishes videos regularly. 

7. Global exam : Best IELTS Preparation Websites

Best IELTS Preparation Websites

Global exam is a website which is for all the popular languages. It is not a special website for IELTS students but IELTS stuff is also here. You can also learn french, chinese, spanish and german language also. This is your choice to learn from their blogs. Although they also have paid courses and ebooks which will help you to learn all these languages. If you dedicatedly want to prepare for this then this is not a good platform for you. You will be confused here. Although the website is best in many factors, but I do not recommend this as an IELTS trainer.   

8. IELTS master : Best IELTS Preparation Websites

Best IELTS Preparation Websites

IELTS master is an international IELTS website which is working for IELTS students. They have their courses to sell. Their branches are in malaysia, rwanda and in india. To grab their knowledge, you have to sign up there. In simpler words, this is an offline institute. After purchasing their tutorials and coaching, you will not feel that you don’t have purchased a professional course. Time to time mock tests, live sessions and personal mentorship will help you to get 9 bands in your IELTS test. 

This website has multiple types of courses like IELTS advance course, 30 days preparation course and much more. So, what are you waiting for? Just go there and check.

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